Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 12: Keepin’ On In the Kitchen

Are we still working on these kitchens?  Blah.  I think we could probably work on them from now until eternity and there would still be something left to clean out.  Challenge Day 12 is all about keeping on in that kitchen though!!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 12: Keepin' On In the Kitchen

I have to admit, just cleaning out cabinets does tend to get a little boring sometimes.  Today, let’s throw a little something extra in the mix and clean off some surfaces too.  Maybe yours are already clean, in which case, just keep working on those cabinets and shelves.  We’ll catch up with you later!

To Do:

  • Clean off the tops of any flat surface…counters, table, microwave, fridge, cabinets, etc.
  • Wipe down the surfaces.
  • Don’t put anything back there unless it is something you need access to or you are using it to decorate.  (I decorate the top of my fridge sometimes and I am going to use the space above my cabinets for extra storage…hopefully in a pretty way.)
  • Go through the things you cleared off and throw away the junk.  Store the rest out of sight.
  • Try to go through at least one cabinet today.  It would be great to do more, but that really depends on how much clutter you have to clear from the surfaces!!

I am also issuing an additional challenge today–a challenge within a challenge if you will!  If you have cookbooks or magazines, go through them and make an effort to get rid of a few.  I have a huge stack of cooking magazines that I am trying to go through right now.  I’m afraid I’m going to have to rip the bandaid and just let them go without reading them all!!  If you know how much I love books and magazines, you’ll understand how hard this is for me.  Still, it must be done!!

Let’s get to work on those kitchens.  And if you need to go back and view the entire challenge or you need some inspiration, visit the Clear the Clutter Challenge today!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 12: Keepin' On In the Kitchen