Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 13: Craft Hoard…Er, Supplies

Do you have a lot of craft supplies?  Do you keep things “just in case” you might be able to make something out of it?  I know I sure do and Challenge Day 13 is all about going through the hoard of craft supplies that are lurking around!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 13: Craft Hoard...Er, Supplies

Now, I will be honest and tell you that I don’t intend to get rid of a lot of ours.  We are hoping to work on some crafts this summer that we can take to the local flea market and sell.  However, there are some things I don’t use and/or may never use, so they should probably find a new home!  Everything else will be organized and possibly, inventoried.  That is a “should do,” not a “will do” though.

We are very fortunate to have a small walk-in hall closet that we have dedicated to movies, games, and books on one side and craft supplies on the other.  At this moment, you can’t walk in it because half of the stuff has landed in the floor.  This is not the ideal way to store your things by the way.

Day 13’s objective is to clear everything out and either purge or organize.  Or maybe a little of both!

To Do:

  • First things first:  Move everything out.  If you are storing craft supplies in different places, pick one place to keep as many of them as possible.
  • Sort through your stash and group like items together…scrapbooking, crocheting, fabric, paint, etc.
  • If you have multiples of things, consider letting a few go.  People love finding craft supplies and kits at yard sales!  You might even try selling some online. (Note:  You can make your own kits to sell out of supplies that you already have.  I’ve even seen people make them with recycled supplies like toilet paper tubes!)
  • Make notes, as you organize, of possible projects you can use the supplies in.
  • Consider donating some supplies to local schools, churches, scout troops, or day care centers.
  • Reorganize in a way that makes sense and also allows you to readily see what you have available.  I hate having to search through boxes when I know I have that one thing somewhere!!

Organizational Tips:

  • Use jars to store buttons, small scrapbook supplies, ribbon, glitter, or anything small.
  • Three-ring binders are great for scrapbook supplies.  Put paper and stickers in page protectors or baseball card/photo holders and insert them into the binders.
  • Organize fabric like files.  Even if you don’t have a filing cabinet, plastic drawers will work.  Or roll it up and put it in large jars!
  • Hang things up.  There isn’t much you can’t hang on pegboard!  Small spice racks make a great place for little bottles of paint, glitter, or glue.  Even hooks on the back of the door can be really handy.
  • Plastic boxes are life savers sometimes, but only use them if they are clear and the smaller, the better.  Again, nobody wants to be digging through a box!
  • For more organizing ideas, check out my board on Pinterest:  Organize Me!

Let’s get busy cleaning out that craft hoard…sorry, supply.  Who knows, maybe it will spark some creativity!!  And make sure to keep up with your own Clear the Clutter progress by checking out the Challenge list here at That One Mom!



Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 13: Craft Hoard...Er, Supplies


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