Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 15: Load 15 Toys…

You load 15 toys and whadda ya get…oh wait, that’s tons.  Luckily we don’t have tons of toys, but Challenge Day 15 is about the toys anyway!!

Now, I understand that not everyone has children and not everyone with children has toys left at home.  They do tend to grow up on us.  *sigh*  However, we all have things that could be classified as toys and today’s challenge is to go through and get rid of 15.

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 15: Load 15 Toys...

To Do:

  • If you have children, divide this as equally as possible.  Sometimes it can be fun for them to go through things and decide what to get rid of (especially if they know it is going to someone who doesn’t have as much or if you tell them it’s for a fun vacation).  Sometimes it can be a major headache.  It’s possible that you will have to do this while they are asleep!
  • Don’t make this an option for the older ones.  If they have a lot of stuff, they have to clear clutter too.
  • Go through your own things…even adults often have little stuffed animals or knick-knacky things they can let go of.
  • If you are a “collector,” that’s great!  You’ll make even more money when you sell them.

Organizational Tips:

  • Everything needs to have a place.  Whether you use baskets or boxes or a toy box, put your things away!
  • For parents of older children who want to save some for “just in case” (i.e., grandchildren, visitors), put them away in a box.  Also, don’t save everything.  I’ve seen how many toys grandparents wind up buying.
  • Store sentimental things away in a box with a note/story as to why they are sentimental.
  • Take pictures and keep those instead.

Again, Pinterest has some awesome ideas for toy storage.  (Seriously, where was Pinterest when my kids were really small?!?)  And please keep in mind that you do not have to get rid of everything.  Fifteen is really not that much in the grand scheme of things!

If you have tips for storing toys and encouraging your children/spouse to get rid of theirs, we would love to hear them!  Also, don’t forget to join in or follow along with the Clear the Clutter Challenge.  There is going to be a special surprise at the end!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 15: Load 15 Toys...