Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 16: At Kitchen’s End…

Since we divided the kitchen decluttering into several parts, the kitchen should be winding down now!  Challenge Day 16 is about the last few cabinets that need to be cleaned out.  (Don’t forget this includes shelving without doors as well.)  If the cabinets are all good, this would be a great day to clean door fronts, cabinet tops, counters, or appliances.  You might even throw in a window or two!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 16: At Kitchen's End...

Cleaning out the kitchen has actually been a little harder to do than I first thought.  Having to examine everything and determine whether it might be used is time consuming.  This will definitely be one of the rooms to continually declutter!  As much as I would like to have one of those picture perfect kitchens, I’m afraid that may never be the case anyway.  I am a super messy cook!

To Do:

  • Finish the last section of cabinets/drawers/shelves.
  • Clean out spices–throw away any that are old or expired.
  • Dust/wash flat surfaces (including cabinet doors).
  • Rearrange things as necessary.

Organizational Tips:

  • Hang organizers on the inside of cabinet doors.  Use to store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, sandwich bags, etc.  These also make a good place for storing lids if you have the space.
  • Use stackable shelves that can moved for more storage space.
  • Use a file/mail sorter from the office supply store to store cookie sheets and pans.
  • Magazine holders can hold cooking supplies, boxed food, or loose foods like onions!
  • Use all of  your space–even if it’s not a flat cabinet or shelf.  There are a lot of things that can hang on the inside of cabinet doors if you use the right hardware.

Since it is Challenge Day 16, that means we are over halfway through.  Remember that you can skip ahead or go as slow as you would like to go!  If you need a reminder about the Clear the Clutter challenges, you can find them all here.

How are you coming along with clearing the clutter in your house?  I’d love to hear about your progress.  Tell me all about it here or on Facebook!