Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 17: Makeup and Jewelry and Perfume, Oh My!

Makeup, Jewelry, Perfume…most of us have some.  Challenge Day 17 encourages us to cut it back!  I know, I know, you just have to have it all.  Be honest though, how much do you really use at the same time?  It won’t hurt anyone to let go of a few things.  Even if you’re convinced you’ll be an ugly hag without it!!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 17: Makeup and Jewelry and Perfume, Oh My!

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To Do:

  • Go through perfumes and body sprays.  Allow yourself to keep your very favorites, but cut the number back to a manageable one.  Chances are you have at least three or four bottles of perfume you never wear.
  • Makeup–the old stuff has to go.  Seriously, it’s bad for you to use expired makeup.  It can cause all kinds of wonky things.  Don’t take that chance with your face!
  • Get rid of makeup that is not being used.  All it’s doing is sitting there.  Taking up space.  Staring at you and saying, “why not me.”  You don’t need that kind of guilt.  Toss it!
  • Jewelry is a little tougher.  If you are determined to hang on to it, it must be organized.
  • Keep the good jewelry and pare down the costume kind.  Try to pick at least 10 things you can stand to part with.  Sell it or give it to a family member/close friend.  (If you give it to a friend or family member, you can borrow back when you need to!!)

Organizational Tips:

  • Hang things up:  Hang necklaces on a board, from a wall-mounted cooling rack, or from hooks.
  • Use stackable drawers for storage.  (Especially the makeup.)  Or try to pare it down to one bag or drawer full!
  • Bracelets can slid down around bottles for upright storage and decoration.
  • Make an earring holder with some wire or foam in a frame.
  • Attach stud earrings to a pretty piece of ribbon and hang next to your other jewelry.
  • Use ice-cube trays to hold small containers of makeup, i.e., eyeshadows.
  • Invest in a makeup organizer.
  • Store perfumes out in the open for a pretty decoration.
  • Or glue a strip of elastic to the inside of a drawer to hold them upright and in one place for out-of-sight storage.

Those are just a few tips for organizing jewelry, makeup, and perfume.  As always, the internet has plenty of ideas to share so just do a Google or Pinterest search!  Also, please don’t forget to join us on this Clear the Clutter Challenge!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 17: Makeup and Jewelry and Perfume, Oh My!


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