Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 2: How Many Ink Pens Do We Really Need?

Shew.  We made it through that first day!  I deliberately picked a few challenges to throw in that wouldn’t be all that difficult.  Sometimes you lose momentum when you are trying to get rid of big clutter all at once.  That’s why today’s challenge is to go through and collect as many ink pens to get rid of as you can.

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 2: How Many Ink Pens Do We Really Need?

Now, you can throw away the ones that don’t work, but what are you going to do with the rest?  (By the way, make sure you keep enough around that you don’t have to go buy new ones right away.  Unless you actually do need new ones!)  You can toss the ones you don’t want or donate them to a school or other organization.  You could probably even sell them if you did it in bulk!

My goal is to fill up a gallon-sized bag with unwanted ink pens.  Considering I found 12 good ones (I threw away several) in the kitchen alone and all I have is a magnetic holder that goes on the side of the fridge for stuff like that, I don’t think a gallon bag is going to be a problem!

My only problem is that I won’t get it done in a day.  It sounded really good on paper, but I know that there are a lot of ink pens around here and I also know that I won’t be able to dig them all out in one day.  So I’m changing that part of today’s challenge to the apply to the duration.  I’m going to keep adding to the bag until the end of Challenge is over and then I’ll add a picture of how many I collected.  Of course, that doesn’t include the ones I’m throwing away in the process!!

A lot of people will say that a few ink pens are not a big deal, but when you have excess anything that you don’t really need, sometimes it just adds to the problem.  The saddest part is that no matter how many pens we have around, we can never seem to find one!  It’s not just about getting rid of clutter, it’s about organizing what you have as well.  It is now a priority to have one or two ink pens in strategic places and that they be put back there when they are not in use.  That part wasn’t in the original challenge either, but it is now!!

To Do:

  • Find as many ink pens as possible.
  • Get rid of as many ink pens as possible!!

How many ink pens do you really think are necessary in one house?  Join the Clear the Clutter Challenge and get back to enjoying the things you have and not just storing them!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 2: How Many Ink Pens Do We Really Need?