Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 23: Video and Board Game Overload

With three children, there has never been a shortage of video games or board games here.  They make excellent gifts, but many times games sit unopened and unused.  We don’t need any more dust collectors in this house, so it’s time to clear them out!  Challenge Day 23 is all about that video and board game overload and what to do with it.

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 23: Video and Board Game Overload

To Do:

  • Go through all board and card games to make sure all pieces/cards are there.  Get rid of any that are missing parts.
  • Divide games by age group.
  • Get rid of games that kids have outgrown.
  • If you have more than one gaming system, pare it down–either get rid of one of the systems or get rid of the games that never get played.
  • Make an effort to get rid of half of board games and/or video games.
  • Reorganize all of the games.

Organizational Tips:

  • Organize the games in a way that keeps them accessible.  It’s always a pain having to dig around or climb a ladder to get to a board game!
  • If you have a gaming system, store all of the pieces, parts, and games together.  A shelving unit or entertainment center would be great for this.
  • Consider removing board games from boxes and storing in gallon size bags.  Label and place in a basket.
  • Clear plastic drawers with labels can hold board games.
  • An over-the-door bag makes a great holder for game controllers.
  • Use a cd case to hold video game discs.

There are always plenty of tips for organizing video and board games.  Many of those can be found on Pinterest or just by doing an online search.  The biggest tip I can offer is to downsize and get rid of as much as possible.  Our Wii hasn’t been used in forever, so we will be getting rid of it and the games/accessories that go with it.  I also found some Playstation 2 games, but I have no idea if we still have a Playstation 2!  Video games aren’t my thing and I had no idea how many games were even here.  Getting rid of as many games as possible will help clear up the clutter and hopefully, make us a little extra cash!

Join the challenge and Clear the Clutter in your house!!


Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 23: Video and Board Game Overload