Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 3: A Place for the “Goodbye Pile”!

How does that saying go?  “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  Something like that anyway!  While it might not apply to everybody and everything, it definitely applies when you want to get rid of clutter.  On Challenge Day 3, the goal is to find a space for the things you want to sell or give away…then find 10 more items for each category!  (If you aren’t selling anything, you can add extra to the giveaway pile or find 10 to throw away.)

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 3: Find a Place for the "Goodbye Pile" and Add To It!

The truth is, I cheated a little on this one.  My oldest moved into his own place a while back and I have been using his room as a place for things we want to get rid of.  It’s already getting full.  If I don’t start getting rid of it soon, it is going to burst at the seams!  You may not have a huge space to dedicate for storage and that’s okay.  You can get rid of items as you go.  Hopefully you have a small area you can work with or some storage boxes you can stack otherwise!  I plan on starting yard sales and online sales in the next week or so.  The sooner I start getting rid of things, the better I will feel about it.

One of those storage pods that they drop off in your yard would be awesome!  I could put things in there as I find them.  I’m hoping to make money though and I can’t justify spending the amount it would take for one of those.  So in the meantime, I’ll keep putting things in the “guest” room and try really hard to start moving it out very soon.

I did find 12 more items to sell and a box of doll clothes that will go with the doll my daughter wants to give to her “niece.”  (She’s actually the daughter of one of my really good friends.  I don’t have any grandchildren yet and I’m hoping not to for a few more years anyway–need to save money before I can become a Nanna!!)  Anyway, everything that goes out the door counts as progress and any kind of progress is a relief.

To Do:

  • Find a place to store your goodbye pile until you can sell/donate it.
  • Find 10 more items to get rid of.

Do you have a place to store excess?  Do you want to get rid of it?  Tell me what you’re doing to “Clear the Clutter” at your house and follow along with me as I get rid of mine!!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 3: Find a Place for the "Goodbye Pile" and Add To It!





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