Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 8: More Kitchen Clutter!

Hey there fellow clutter busters!  How are you doing with your daily challenges?  I am getting things done, but I am also having to work and do some other family things so I’m not getting all of my challenges posted as I complete them.  Please forgive me if I get a little behind.  I promise I will catch the posts up soon!!  Challenge Day 8 is all about the kitchen again.  If you remember, the kitchen is just too much for me to finish at one time.  Therefore, I divided mine up into portions.  I promise I don’t mind if you do yours all at once though!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 8: More Kitchen Clutter!

Today is the second portion of the kitchen.  Some of the things I am focusing on are:

  • Organizing my cabinets/shelves in a way that makes more sense.  I am moving my food and spices closer to the stove and putting glasses and plates in a larger cabinet together.
  • Picking out dishes, kitchen tools, and pots/pans that I no longer use and letting them go.
  • Throwing away expired food.
  • Paring down my knife drawer.  (Pun intended.)
  • Throwing out excess plastic cups and gross-looking plastic containers.
  • Scaling down on the excess cook books.  I love them, but I just can’t use them all!

That really doesn’t sound like much, but just sorting through the canned and boxed food is a long process.  If you have kids who can read, this might be a chance to let them help you!!

Something that’s not part of the Clear the Clutter Challenge, but I can’t seem to get a handle on, is keeping my kitchen table cleared off.  It’s usually food that I don’t have storage for, so I’m hoping that getting rid of some of the things in the cabinets will give me more space.  Otherwise, I will just have to make a conscious effort to cram everything in the cabinets every night!!  Not ideal, but I get tired of looking at it.  If you have suggestions, I would definitely welcome them!

As always, you don’t have to do all of the challenges or even do them order, but I would love to have everyone join in on the Clear the Clutter Challenge.  And don’t forget to let me know how it’s going for you!!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 8: More Kitchen Clutter!


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