Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 14: Linens

Challenge Day 14 is dedicated to household linens.  Towels, blankets, sheets, linens…although they may not be in the best shape, we are very fortunate to have plenty around here.  The key is to know what you’ve got and where it is!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 14: Linens

Growing up, we had a traditional linen closet in the hallway.  It held everything–towels, wash cloths, sheets, you name it.  We don’t have that here, so linen storage is a little haphazard!

Bathroom linens are in the bathroom.  That closet isn’t pretty because the hot water heater is in it, but it is functional enough and it has a door.  Doors can be a very good thing when you’re trying to hide a mess.

Blankets and sheets used to all be in the master closet, but I am slowly moving them to Funny Bubby’s old room.  It still makes me sad that my babies are growing up and moving out, but the extra storage is nice.  : )

In order to organize the linens, here are a few things to do.

To Do:

  • Work in sections.
  • Put bath linens as close to the bathroom as possible.  Our storage is in the bathroom itself, but that may not be possible for everyone.
  • Blankets and sheets don’t necessarily have to be stored in the rooms they are being used in.  If you have a closet or shelf for them, that is great.  They can also be stored in totes boxes and removed as needed.
  • Go through bathroom towels, blankets, sheets, and wash cloths.  Get rid of any that are horribly frayed, have holes, etc.  (You can save these for the rag pile or donate to an animal charity if you don’t want to throw them away.)
  • Put all linens back neatly!

Organizational Tips:

  • Although it’s great to have a few extra, don’t keep an excessive amount of linens if you won’t ever use them.  Nice ones can be donated to shelters, daycares, and other organizations.  Well-used, but not totally worn out linens make great rags for dusting, scrubbing, and craft-related messes, or use them for pets!
  • Organize like things together…i.e., queen-sized sheets together, heavy quilts together, light blankets together…you get the picture.
  • If blankets won’t all fit together, it’s okay to store extras in a box somewhere else.  Just make sure to label it.
  • If you need more space, try rolling your blankets instead of just folding them flat.

This should be one of the easier challenges, so it might be a good day to get ahead or finish up previous challenges that didn’t get as much attention.  Or maybe just take a little extra time by the pool!!

If you need a little help clearing the clutter in your house, please join the Clear the Clutter Challenge today!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 14: Linens






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