Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 29: Magazines and Paper Scraps

The truth is, I love magazines and journals and all things paper.  I am a total sucker for pretty decorated pages.  I make no apologies.  But I get a little queasy every time I see one of those pest control commercials that emphasizes how much cockroaches love paper and cardboard.  That’s why Challenge Day 29 is dedicated to getting rid of the magazines and paper scraps.

Now I’m not saying they all have to go, just that the supply needs to be whittled down a little and stored in a better way.

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 29: Magazines and Paper Scraps

To Do:

  • Go through magazines and determine if there are any that need to be read.
  • Cut out and save any articles, projects, or recipes you want to keep.  These can also be scanned or copied to the computer.
  • Determine how many magazines to save for future projects and get rid of the rest.
  • Too much scrapbook paper?  Work on some projects or group some together that can be sold.  (Art and craft supplies typically sell very well.)
  • Donate magazines to schools, nursing homes, or offices with waiting rooms.  You might also consider passing them on to friends or family members who might share an interest.
  • Share scrapbook paper with schools or programs who participate in Arts and Crafts.


Organizational Tips:

  • Use shelves to hold papers and magazines.  These can also be stored in a cabinet.
  • Store papers in a plastic box.  (I prefer the thought of plastic to help keep bugs away, but I understand that’s not always feasible.)
  • Keep a few magazines out for reading material.  The bathroom seems to be a very popular place for this!
  • Invest in a few 3-ring binders and protective sleeves.  These can be used for storing magazines, individual pages, and/or paper.  Use tabs to label.
  • Use baskets or magazine organizers for storage in the living room.  (Only do this for things you want to read or share.)
  • As with everything, label what you have!  Be specific–don’t just put “magazines” or “scrapbook paper.”  Write what kind it is or what project it will be used for.  Don’t save anything that doesn’t have a purpose.

Every item that leaves our homes during this decluttering process is one less thing to have to worry about.  I think everyone can agree that having less to worry about is definitely a good thing!

Join us for the 30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge and start decluttering your home today!

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 29: Magazines and Paper Scraps