Decking the Halls at That One Mom!

The halls are being decked as we speak!  I can’t seem to get them just right though.  Bummer for me.  : (  Every time I think I’m finished, I think of something else I would rather have.  The problem is, I don’t have the time to make everything I want and buying it all is surely not an option!!

It’s also hard to decorate when you are juggling so many other things.  I’m not sure where I found all of the time last year, but this year is a totally different story.  It will get done though…eventually!

The color themes are changing up a little.  The living room will be basically the same, but with more red.  The hallway will be decked out in a primitive/old-fashioned theme.  We’re going for Farmhouse in the kitchen and the porch will be about like last year, but with more lights and possibly more greenery.  Basically, just take everything I have ever done before, throw it in a bag, mix it all up, and voila!!

Now just in case you have forgotten what some of the previous Christmas decor looked like, you can find it all here on the Everything Holiday page.  (And I do mean all…recipes, printables, decor ideas, crafts, etc., etc…check it all out!!)

And for a little sneak peek into the 2015 hall decking, here you go…

Decking the Halls at That One Mom!

Don’t forget to check back later for the whole house tour!






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