Do You Have a Summer Bucket List? (Here’s One Just In Case!)

It’s that time of year again–ah, sweet summer! It’s the time for vacations and fun and relaxation and a bucket list.

If you have time off for relaxing and having fun, that is. Otherwise, it’s just another few months of work, sweat, and tears. (Did I mention sweat? It gets really hot and humid here in the summer.)

Since our youngest just graduated, this is sort of a last summer to squeeze in some family time and do a few fun things before she goes off to college. Our real vacation plans are a little “iffy.” There are some home repair projects that are an unfortunate necessity, so traveling too far will depend on how much time and money we’ve got left come August! Not as much fun as a beach vacation, but life happens!

In the meantime, we’ll be doing as many local things as possible and marking off things on the Summer Bucket List. Things like having an outdoor movie night, going fishing, visiting a local historic site (we have lots in Kentucky), and throwing a S’mores party!

To keep up with the things I definitely want to do, I made a Bucket List printable that I’m sharing with you. There are a couple of empty spaces to “fill in the blank” with your own ideas—just in case your plans aren’t solid and you’ll be winging it a little. I feel like we will be winging it a LOT!!



Now I know that most people do more than what is on this Summer Bucket List in one summer season, but I’ve never been a fan of a scheduled/structured summer. To me, the whole thought of summer just screams “relax” and I can’t relax if I have something to do every single minute. It’s okay if you like a stricter schedule though. There’s no shame in that and I honestly admire anyone who is that organized.

That’s not me though and I’ll just be using this list as a guide. There won’t be any tantrums or tears if we don’t mark off all the activities or if we change them at the last minute. If that happens, I’ll just make a new list!!

Print your own Summer Bucket List and/or tell me what sorts of things you love to do in the summer!


Summer Bucket List

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