Is It Fall Already?? (Plus, A New Free Printable!)

Oh my goodness!  Is it really fall already?  It surely feels like it outside, but there are no guarantees it will stay that way!

It has definitely been super weird weather in the last few years.  It’s impossible to tell what season it’s supposed to be by the weather around here.  However, it feels like fall right now and that inspires me a little!

I’m still not well enough to really decorate, so I will probably just save my energy so I can boss everybody around come Christmas time!  (Oh wow.  There are less than 15 weeks until Christmas.  Have you started planning??)

Anyway, there won’t be much decorating, as I tire much easier these days.  Instead, the Clear the Clutter challenge is back on here.  It will just go at a much slower pace!  I did manage to make this handy dandy printable and I’ll probably get my Pumpkin Man gourd out that my Momma painted so many years ago, but that will be it.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some pretty fall foliage this year.  And a fire pit with some marshmallows wouldn’t be a bad thing.  More than anything, it’s time for some potato soup and cornbread and probably some apple cider if this cooler weather hangs on!


I have been pinning some really cute Halloween (and I admit it–Christmas) crafts and decor ideas.  Some of my old ones are very pretty, but sometimes I want to try something different!  Make sure to check back and see what we come up with here at the That One Mom household.  I may assign rooms and see what these other people can do!  It’s not quite time for that yet though, so here’s some extra fall inspiration for you, if you need some!


Feels Like Fall (Round-Up of Recipes, Costume Ideas, and Decorations!)


And finally, here’s the printable!!  I purposely didn’t put a border because I’ve been having so much trouble fitting things into frames lately.  It’s just easier to trim that way.  Hope you enjoy!!

Fall Printable