Getting Ready for Halloween: Porch Ideas


I have decided to decorate my porch this week–after I clean up all the mess that this stray cat has made all over it.  I was going to wait until mid-November and start getting it ready for Christmas, but I’ve pinned some of the cutest Halloween ideas and it’s driving me nuts not to try them!!  So I am going to go ahead and decorate for Halloween and then I will do something simple for Thanksgiving.  After that, it will be time to decorate for Christmas (Yay!!!!) and I will dedicate much time and creativity to the whole entire house!  It makes it really hard to be creative when you go from working three long days a week to five short ones.  I never realized how much that would interfere with my whole creative process!!

I’m going with a “Witchy” theme this year.  I’ll definitely use some of the ideas and items from previous years.  Some of my favorites are the witches brooms and the parking sign.  The little brooms all came from the Dollar Tree and I used black electrical tape to decorate the handles.

Halloween Porch Decor


The sign says “Witch parking only.  All others will be toad.”  I put the sign out and my daughter found a rubber frog in her room and arranged it next to the sign.  She is a very creative girl!!!

Witch Parking Only


I also have a cute little broom that I hung on the door.  It says “Broom rides.  5 cents.”  I saw a sign on Pinterest that said “Flying lessons by appointment only.”  I think I’m going to make one of those and put them together somehow.

Broom Rides


Beyond that, I’m not sure what decorations to I’ll use.  Probably my Halloween tree, my little witch, and my haunted house sign.  I’ll be using more black and green in my colors, but you have to have a little orange in your Halloween decor!!  I want to use things I have, but I want to make a lot of things too.  Of course, I don’t have a ton of time to spend on it and I’d rather spend money on supplies for Christmas.  We’ll see what I can throw together!

Hopefully I’ll get it done this week and I can share it with you soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of my last “Halloween” porch!

Halloween Collage


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