Give My Regards To Broadway!!

One of my dreams growing up was to someday perform on Broadway.  Obviously, I didn’t achieve that dream, but I never really had the confidence or the determination to do it!

I’m not sure if it’s from hearing me say I wanted to do that or if it’s from always sharing my love of musicals with my children, but my daughter has been saying for several years now that she would like to be a Broadway star.  I don’t ever discourage her.  For one thing, I don’t want to do that to my children if I can avoid it.  For another, I really believe she can!

I told her it takes hard work and determination and never accepting the words “you can’t,” no matter how many times they may get thrown at you.

And she listened!

She tried out for a choir that is made up of children from all over the state and didn’t make it.  She tried out for solo after solo in choir class, and even for a duet with a friend, and got passed over every time.  She was this close to giving up, but something sparked a fire in her and she said, “I’m not giving up.”  That made me more proud than anything!

The Arts & Humanities instructor and the Drama teacher decided to stage a musical.  My baby girl waffled and wavered and finally made the last-minute decision to audition.  And not only did she get a part, she got a big part–along with a solo!!

You have to keep in mind that this was a middle school performance.  There were only about eight practices.  The students made the props (with help from the Art teacher).  There were main players, extras, a chorus, and narrators.  They had to learn songs and lines and a little bit of choreography.  They also had to learn to do everything while juggling a regular wireless microphone, because the school doesn’t have the headset mics that most people would use for this sort of production.  The costumes were mostly made up of clothes bummed off of family members or bought at the thrift store.  Two men in the community donated restored vehicles to use as props.  (I’m not going to lie to you, those were just a little bit awesome!!!)


They had four performances planned yesterday and the last one was for the family members.  I know they were all exhausted, but they did such a fabulous job!  I was proud of all of them and grateful for the teachers who showed such dedication in working with them.

I don’t know how it is everywhere else, but in this area, sports are King.  Programs like music and art and drama generally don’t get the funding or even the parent participation that so many of the sports programs do.  It was wonderful to get to see the kind of talent that often goes unnoticed!

Technically, this is Spizzie’s third musical.  They did a short performance of Suessical the Musical in grade school.  They also did a full production of The Christmas Carol once.  However, this is her first experience with something like this at the middle school and, without further ado, I give you Tateh from Ragtime the Musical!!


I am always biased when it comes to my children and think they have extreme amounts of talent, but I am so proud of my girl right now!   She wants to be on Broadway and I believe she’ll do it!!



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