Goodbye Christmas Home Tour

As much as I wanted to share my Christmas house with you, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Between the cooking and the cleaning and the celebrating and the kidney stone passing, there just wasn’t time.

And as much as I would LOVE to leave my decorations up for at least half the year, some people who live here don’t like the look as much as I do.  As sad as it makes me, it’s time to say goodbye to all of my glorious, beautiful, festive Christmas decorations.  Please join me as I say goodbye…


Let’s start in the kitchen.  Goodbye to my fun and festive cabinet toppers.

Christmas Cabinet Tops

Goodbye sweet shelf decorations.  (Mistletoe printable is from

Christmas Kitchen 1

Christmas Kitchen 2

Christmas Kitchen 3

Goodbye refrigerator snowman and kissing ball that all the boys kept hitting their heads on.

LaughKissing Ball


Goodbye beautiful Gingerbread House that my sweet Momma bought me for Christmas.  I will be using you as a centerpiece next year!

Gingerbread House

That’s all of my kitchen.  You’ve seen my hallway and the Trooper Tree.  You should probably go say goodbye to them as well.

Let us move forward into the living room.

Goodbye my precious Nativity.  I don’t care what Super Trooper says, I love your faceless heads.  Goodbye Bible story printable that I accidentally chopped the bottom off of and then decided I liked, because I didn’t really want anything about Charlie Brown to go with my Nativity.  (But thank you to a Pair of Pears for the printable.)

Merry CHRISTmas!

Goodbye my Santa Shelf.  Gosh, I need some curtains.

Santa Shelf

Goodbye pegboard shelf with my favorite picture of my crazy children and my most favorite Santa gourd that my Momma has ever given me.

Merry Christmas Shelf

Goodbye beautiful shelf with the lantern creation my sister said needs its own blog post and the We Believe sign I bought for cheap at Market!

We Believe

Goodbye little pegs that I usually hang my coats on, but used for stockings this year instead.  You can go back to being a plain coat rack now.  (Sorry about the lack of stockings in the picture.  I used it for that though, I promise!)

Stocking holder

Goodbye hugely tall Santa Hat.  Goodbye entertainment system (bane of my existence) decorations, and goodbye little tree that I never could get a really good picture of.

Santa HatEntertainment centerMini tree

And especially goodbye “Believe in the Spirit of Christmas” sign.  I truly do believe in the Spirit of Christmas.

Believe 2

Goodbye my wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, amazing tree.  The only thing I felt you were missing was some flocking and a few more lights.  No matter what, you were the most beautiful tree I think I’ve had yet.  : (

Christmas Tree

Goodbye tree topper.  I struggled with you for two days trying to decide what that perfect touch would be.  In the end, the giant snowflakes made all the difference.

Tree top


Goodbye “Mom’s Favorite” ornaments.  It’s always fun to see who will hang theirs in the best spot!

Mom's Favorite

Goodbye newest police ornament–you might go on the Trooper Tree next year.

World's Best

Goodbye hand painted lightbulb snowmen.

Mimi's Snowman

Goodbye “Merry Christmas Y’all.”  *sniff*

Christmas Y'all

Goodbye beautiful Christmas lights that I semi-figured out how to photograph in the dark.  I think I will miss you most of all.

Living Room

Goodbye to all the festiveness and beauty.  The inside of the house just won’t be the same until Christmas 2014.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the beauty that is my front porch for the next week or so.  You know, since I still have all of those Christmas decorations up out there.  ; )

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  1. WOW…what lovely vignettes. It’s always a little sad to see Christmas go. Thank you for sharing on Twirl and Take a Bow! ~Tammy
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