Halloween In The House!

I really wanted to decorate my house for Fall this year, but I let time pass me by.  I decided I would decorate for Halloween–only I didn’t clean my porch off and do the painting projects I had planned and the people I live with have this weird idea that our front porch is actually some sort of closet.  Right now, there are golf clubs, a horse saddle, bean bag toss boards, and twenty pairs of shoes taking up space out there.  That doesn’t even include the furniture, decorations, and various plants that have been there all summer!

So the porch is still a mess and I won’t be decorating it for Halloween (although, it will get cleaned off so that I can decorate for Christmas or it’s going to get ugly around here).  I don’t actually have a ton of Halloween decorations, but I combined what I use inside with a few things from outside.  I also made a few extras this year and got enough together to decorate my favorite cabinet.

Halloween In The House!

It took me a lot longer to do these decorations than I wanted.  I actually started them a couple of weeks ago, but my free time has become severely restricted!  The cabinet and the crooked tree stay in the same spot year-round, so it was just a matter of finding decorations that I wanted to use.  I found a lot of inspiration online and even came up with an idea for a really cute Halloween craft, but I just haven’t had time to do it.  As it is, I am to the point of wondering if I have way too many Halloween decorations on that cabinet or if I might need a few more!!

Halloween 6Some of the decorations were bought specifically for Halloween and some of them are parts of costumes or even just everyday items from around the house.  I actually made the spider web plate from a $2 charger I found at the Dollar Store.

Halloween In The House!I love the little witches hat.  I wore that to work as part of costume years ago. (I’m not sure why I felt the need to add that it was part of a costume…just in case you were questioning my fashion sense, I guess!)

Halloween In The House!The spell books are actually books I got off the bookshelf and covered with scrapbook paper.  The poison apple is a plastic apple that I painted with a little thinned out black paint (black paint + a little water) and then covered with red and black glitter.  Those decorations didn’t take long to make and I think they look pretty “witching”!  (Yeah, I went there.  Be jealous!)

Halloween In The House!

I have a lot of witch hats and brooms.  I usually put the brooms outside (when I’m not riding them), but I left them in the hall this year, along with my pointy black shoes, capes, and all of the hats.

Halloween In The House!

Halloween In The House!

Remember, the “Witch Parking Only” sign I had outside before??  I had to use it…along with the toad!

Halloween In The House!Gotta have a little something to drink…

Halloween In The House!Even the crooked tree got a few Halloween touches!

Halloween In The House!This is Mumford.  Mimi made him and sent him here to live.  He has been used to decorate the living room and Spizzie’s room.  This year, he is part of a wreath in the hall window.  I don’t think he minds though…he’s pretty flexible!  (ba dum tsss!!)

Halloween In The House!Well, that’s it for my Halloween decorations!  I’m glad I got as much finished as I did.  I’ll be even happier when it’s time to put them away, because I am going to immediately start working on Christmas!!  Yep, that’s right, I’m skipping Thanksgiving and heading straight into Christmas decor!  In the meantime, enjoy my little bit of Halloween!

Halloween In The House!



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