Happy 20th Anniversary To My Special Guy…20 Reasons Why I Love You!

The Super Trooper and I are celebrating twenty years of wedded bliss…today! In my dream world, we would whisk one another away to some tropical locale complete with beachside waitstaff and lots of alone time. Sadly, the real world and my dream world rarely coincide.

For this 20th Wedding Anniversary, we will be watching our daughter’s last middle school Spring Concert and having a dinner that will either consist of something I pick up at the drive-thru on the way home, leftovers, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…assuming we have any peanut butter.

It doesn’t exactly reek of romance, but you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Happy 20th Anniversary To My Special Guy...20 Reasons Why I Love You!  www.thatonemom.com

Twenty years ago, we got married at the courthouse. Twenty years ago, we said that we would spend one of our anniversaries throwing a big wedding to make up for the one we didn’t really have. (Truthfully, I probably cared more about that than he did!) Twenty years ago, we were young and crazy and terrified and about to embark on a life-changing adventure. I’m not sure things have changed all that much…I am only slightly less terrified and slightly less young!

In twenty years of marriage, we have had some amazing experiences together. Call them good and bad, highs and lows, ups and downs–whatever you want to call them, we’ve had them. And while the lows were some of the worst things to go through, I’m not sure we would be as strong today without them.

There are a lot of reasons I fell in love with my husband. There are a lot of reasons why I love him still. In the spirit of that and in celebration of our 20 years of marriage, I’d like to share “20 Reasons Why I Love You” about my true love and partner in crime.

20 Reasons Why I Love You

1.  I love your smile.  I still remember the first time I met you and you smiled so big.  I thought you were being polite.  Little did I know that smile meant something important.  Your Mama told me once that you stopped smiling when you got your braces, but I’ve been privy to more than a few of them in our time together and they are a sight to behold.  Both of our boys inherited your smile, although they might be slightly more generous with theirs.  Still, your smiles light up your whole face and, more often than not, make you look like you are up to something.  Which you probably are.

2.  I love your hands.  One of my favorite memories is before we really officially started dating.  We were at a friend’s house and there was no one else around.  Most college guys would have thought that was the moment to steal a kiss, but not you.  Instead you smiled at me and took my hand.  Even though you were well on your way to stealing my heart before that moment, that just sealed the deal!  I’ve seen those hands build things, cradle babies, high-five school children, shake the hands of countless adults, comfort friends and loved ones, and even clean the house (nothing sexier than a man who does housework).  Most of all, those hands have held mine for the last twenty years.  They are beautiful.

3.  I love your sense of humor.  It’s silly and quirky and goofy.  And I really, really get it.

4.  I love the way you tell stories.  You are definitely a master storyteller.  Sometimes you tend to draw them out, but we understand that it’s so that you can get all of the details in there.

5.  I love that you flirt with me.  Of course, the whole world knows you are a born flirt.  The list of females you have flirted with would probably circle the earth a few times, but I’ve finally stopped trying to discourage it.  As long as you know it’s not who you flirt with, but how you flirt that counts.  And as long as you flirt with me the most.

6.  I love that you are so amazing with children.  The first time I saw you hold a baby, my heart melted.  I’ve never seen a baby who didn’t love you or a child who didn’t think you were their buddy.  Even teenagers seem to think it’s cool to hang out with you.  Teenagers do crazy things though.

7.  I love that you are so dedicated to your job(s).  Even though I complain about the time away or the lack of consideration you get sometimes, I’m really very proud of you.  And I know that you wouldn’t be where you are if you really didn’t love what you do.

8.  I love that you will usually go out of your way to help your friends.  Even when they aren’t always as loyal to you as you are to them.

9.  I love that family is important to you.  And friends.  And co-workers.  And children.  And sometimes just random people.

10.  I love that you always mess up the lyrics and sing off-key.  We know that you really just do it to make us laugh.  Most of the time.  I hope.

11.  I love that you aren’t afraid to ask questions or learn new things.  Learning is a wonderful thing and it’s really hard to learn if you never ask questions.  Questions are good.  Except when we watch movies.  Nobody likes it when you ask questions then.

12.  I love that you tell me I’m beautiful even on my worst days.  I can’t say that I really agree, but I still love to hear it!

13.  I love that you aren’t afraid to be silly.

14.  I love that when I sing, “I love you period,” you sing back “Do you love me question mark”!!  Not just anybody knows that song.

15.  I love that you show you care about me in little ways…like painting my toenails when I was pregnant or getting security called on you when I was in the hospital having my appendix out and you dozed off and couldn’t find me when you woke up!

16.  I love that you taught our kids important things like how to fish and ride horses and shoot a gun and take naps in the woods (which you call “hunting”).

17.  I love that you have a weird fascination with mowing grass.  Our yard always looks so nice.  You used to have that same fascination with washing my car.  I miss that.

18.  I love that you are a grillmaster and also that you make the best oatmeal ever.  The kids would have sugar withdrawal if they had to live on my oatmeal.

19.  I love that you gave me the three most precious children in the world and that you love them so very much–even if they might sometimes disagree and think you are too hard on them or not satisfied with their decisions.  I doubt they will ever know exactly how proud you are of them or just how many times you brag about them when they aren’t around.  I hope they figure it out someday though.

20.  I love that you chose me.  I love that you are mine.  And I love that, through it all, we have still managed to stay together.

Happy Anniversary my love.  Here’s to the next twenty!