Happy Free Fall Printable Y’all!!

It has officially been Fall for several days now and I’d like to say that I’m really enjoying it, but I’m not.  So far, it’s the kind of fall where it’s incredibly chilly in the wee hours of the morning and hot as blue blazes in the afternoon.  Plus, whatever it is that makes my family have headaches and sneezing fits this time every year is rearing its ugly head.  No thank you Fall, I’ll pass!

On the positive side, Fall means it’s time to pull out my favorite apple and/or pumpkin recipes and to unpack those pretty fall decorations.  Also, it’s that much closer to Christmas, which in case you didn’t know, is my absolute favorite time to decorate and cook!

In celebration of all of the good things about fall, I’ve got a free printable for you.  It would be nice if we could share a glass of hot mulled apple cider or maybe a slice of pie, but I suppose this will have to do.  And while we’re sharing, I’d love to know…what’s your favorite thing about Fall?


Happy Fall Y’all Printable

Happy Free Fall Printable Y'all!! www.thatonemom.com

Just in case…this printable has the dimensions of an 8×10, but my frame had some sort of decorative edge and I had to trim away the orange to get it to fit.  If you want to preserve the orange, it might work better in a larger frame with a mat of some sort.




  1. Happy fall!

  2. germaine fryc says

    cooler days and nights and cooking soups and stews with homemade cheese biscuits! and apple crisp with French Vanilla ice cream!

  3. April Hooks says

    Happy Fall! I love the printable.