Happy Thanksgiving and 30 Thankful Things!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Today is the day we traditionally celebrate what we have to be thankful for.  For most of us, it is way more than we realize.  Although we should be thankful every day that we are on this Earth, I’m choosing today to recognize thirty blessings that I am most grateful for.

1.  My sweet babies and their handsome daddy.  I love them with my WHOLE heart and I thank God for them every day.

2.  My girls.  Not just girls like my daughter, Momma, sister, and Nannie, but all of my girls–family, friends, people who keep me sane.  You are definitely all blessings to me!

3.  All of my guys too.  Probably a much smaller group than my girls, but important to me just the same.

4.  Music.  Music is the sound of feelings.  Sometimes I just need it.

5.  Faith.  I think I would be a very desolate person if I didn’t have faith that there will be better days to come.

6.  Sunshine.  I know the rain is necessary.  I know that night time can come in handy.  Still, sunshine makes me so happy.

7.  Books.  I’m so thankful for books.  To see the words printed on a page and know that they are going to develop into a story brings me such joy!

8.  Laughter.  Is there anything sweeter than that sound or anything that feels better than one of those deep laughs that comes from the bottom of your belly?

9.  Food.  I’m thankful that I have more than enough of it.  Many people do not.

10.  Bloggers.  I love reading blogs, but I’ve also joined several blog groups this year and everyone has been so helpful and generous.  I really appreciate that.

11.  Corrective lenses.  I can’t imagine living when there was nothing to help with our poor vision.

12.  My obsession with driving close to the white line.  It literally saved my life when the guy came around the curve on my side of the road!

13.  My sense of humor.  I’m afraid it’s the only thing between me and a professional mental evaluation some days.

14.  Conversations.  I love to talk, but I’m not half bad as a listener.  You can learn so much about people during random conversations.

15.  Day Planners.  I’m learning in my age of forgetfulness that I can’t live without one.

16.  Memories.  Sometimes it’s a color or a scent or a whole entire scene playing in my mind.  No matter what they are, memories hold power.

17.  Our home.  I have a love/hate relationship with this house, but I’m so very glad to have a place to come home to.

18.  Toilet paper.  If I even have to explain this, you have never been without at a crucial moment and have very much to be thankful for!!

19.  Cameras.  Cameras take pictures.  Pictures bring back memories.  Memories make us feel things.  Feelings are good!

20.  Hair color.  Just because I like to change things up sometimes.  Not because I have a lot of gray hair or anything…

21.  Road trips.  There is a big world out there that I want to explore.  Maybe someday I’ll even get to!  Until then, little road trips will have to do.

22.  My outside-of-the-home job.  It’s not the worst job ever, but it’s not really what I intended to do with my life.  It will do for now though.

23.  The internet.  Sometimes it’s a bad thing, but most of the time it makes me feel more connected to the outside world.  Plus, there’s instant access to all those books and music.

24.  A balance (most days) between positive and negative attitudes.  Too much grouchiness will suck the life out of you!

25.  Kitchen shears.  Best kitchen tool ever!  Why did it take so long to catch on to using scissors in the kitchen?

26.  Glitter.  It has become my new obsession.  It just makes everything look so…glittery!

27.  Moments.  I’m thankful for moments–good and bad–that have led me to where (and who) I am.  It’s not such a bad place to be.

28.  That One Mom.  I love my little blog and I love each and every one of you who actually read it!

29.  Hot Mulled Cider.  It is my other new obsession.  I feel so warm and cozy when I drink it.  Now if I only had a fireplace and a good book to go with it.

30.  Christmas decorations.  They make everything look so festive and cheerful.  Now excuse me while I get ready to eat my turkey, hug my little family, and put up some more decorations!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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