High School Graduation: Should I Celebrate or Medicate??

Graduation.  A time to look back on the past with fond remembrance and toward the future with hopeful expectations.

Quick…put that on a greeting card!

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Most years I don’t pay attention to the graduation season.  There have a been a few friends and family members to graduate in recent years and while I was very happy for them, none of these ceremonies have caused me massive amounts of excitement or trepidation.

Until now.  Because now I have a Senior.  And he will be graduating in less than a month.

I’m not ready.

My mother-in-law once told me that the teenage years were necessary to make you want to let your children go–that once they graduate, you are more than ready to cut the cord.  I never really believed that.  Honestly, my teenagers have been fabulous.  I couldn’t imagine wanting to let them go.

I think I’m starting to believe that a little more now!  Not that I ever wouldn’t want my children, just that I think we are all ready for a little break from one another.  I don’t want anyone to think I am complaining.  All of my children are wonderful, loving, and smart.  And sometimes, they are more mature than a lot of adults I know.  It’s just that Senioritis has reared its ugly head in our household and the big brother has spent a lot of time acting like a spoiled only child.  This is not familiar territory for me.

Because of this, you would think I’m really looking forward to graduation, but I’m not.  I’ve always joked that I was going to start medicating myself when my oldest graduates and just keep it up until the next year when his little brother follows.  (Did I mention my middle child is junior?)

In order to save my sanity (*snicker*), I decided to list all of the reasons I am not excited about graduation.

*Graduation Party:  My son’s friends are having parties the day of, so he doesn’t want one.  Several people in the family have asked and I feel like it just one of those things you should do.We’re planning a small family/close friend gathering the weekend after.  This will be a little less stressful, however, I still have to clean house, decorate, buy food, and prepare food.  And I guess I should probably invite some people.

*Graduation Gift:  I can’t decide on a gift.  We can’t afford a car (he drives our old one) and we have to pay for college, so I’m thinking it’s not going to be extravagant.  I’m sure some of his friends will get vehicles and parent-free vacations and other over-the-top things.  I’m sure I would do that too, if  I could afford it.  But I can’t afford those things and I just can’t decide what to get.

*Other Graduation Gifts:  Invitations haven’t gone out yet.  I have no clue how many we’ll get, but we know a lot of Seniors.  It may add up to a lot of gifts.  If that happens, I’m going to have to be very creative.  Hello Pinterest! (Here’s a handy dandy post with Graduation Gift ideas!)

*It confirms that I am getting old.  Well really, I can look in the mirror and confirm that, but this tops it off.  On the inside, I still feel like that same girl.  On the outside, I am the mom of a boy who is getting ready to graduate high school and will soon be 18.  I am the mom of a man.  Who is going to college.  Who might meet “the one.”  Who might be a father in less than a decade.  (I was going to say less than five years, but I refuse to contemplate it.)  I need a drink.

*We have to turn around and do it all over again next year.  (Again, that middle-child-is-a-junior-right-now thing.)

*It means my babies are growing up and leaving me.  : (

*It puts us that much closer to moving him into the dorm and making tuition payments.

*I’m just not ready.  Did I already say that?

So those are the top reasons why I am not looking forward to high school graduation this year.  Some of them are financial, some of them are personal.  I still can’t decide whether I want to celebrate or medicate.  The truth is, he’s going to graduate and in the fall, he’s going to leave me.  And I don’t think I’m as bothered by the fact that he’s going to leave, as I am by the fact that he wants to.

*Update:  Two of the three have graduated since this post.  One left home, came back, left home, came back again and as of now, they are all three still here!  One of them even drives about three hours round-trip every day for work, but at least I know he’s safe at night.  We survived graduations and all kinds of other stuff, but they are always your babies and the leaving is always bittersweet!

High School Graduation: Should I Celebrate or Medicate?? www.thatonemom.com









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