Home for Christmas Tour

Home for Christmas:

My 2019 Christmas Home Tour


Whether you know me in real life or only virtually through That One Mom and social media, you might have figured out that I absolutely love decorating for Christmas!

It’s not just about the beautiful colors and all the details–there is a feeling of warmth and happiness that Christmas decorations bring. And oh so many memories!

I love my Christmas House and I hope you get those feelings as you follow along. Let’s get started…


Front Porch Christmas



Here’s a little backstory about our house…it’s old, it’s part of a family farm that no longer gets farmed, and it needs a lot of work!

The front porch frustrates me most of the time, but at Christmas it’s magical! (That’s probably because I force my family to put away their multiple pairs of boots and grilling tools/yard equipment/whatever was in that big box under the bench.) Christmas lights are just beautiful no matter what you put them on and that’s been a big part of the focus for the porch these last few years.


There have been different themes for the porch in years past, but I’ve definitely pared down the decorations out here. That’s mostly because we are having a bird issue and they are destroying just about anything I put outside. And by destroy, I mean they consider our front porch their own personal toilet. Ah, country life…

Friends are always welcome. Birds are not!


The two benches, the welcome sign, and the red barn star were already on the porch, although the barn star did get a good scrubbing and a coat of paint. I would say a “fresh coat of paint,” but I found an old can of red paint and it definitely wasn’t fresh. Did you know that paint stinks when it gets old? I didn’t and I was very glad to hang it outside!!


The idea behind the porch decor is Christmas Tree Farm–which I would love to own, by the way. I used to change the theme almost every year (or at least move stuff around), but I’ve used this one for two years running. If I do it again next year, I will add more lights, a big Tree Farm sign, a couple more trees, and maybe some pillows if the crazy birds will leave them alone. A little repair work and updating is probably in order as well.

Please notice that there are boots by the door. There are always boots by the door. I give up!


That’s all for the porch. Let’s go inside!


Welcome to the Living Room



Our front door opens directly into our living room, so that’s the first place you see. Since this is an old farmhouse built close to 1950, there is no real rhyme or reason as to how it’s laid out. It was not really meant to be a showplace, instead, it was meant to be functional and affordable. It was cobbled together with whatever materials they had or could afford to buy and hopefully, a little bit of love!


The layout of the living room is almost a square, but it has an odd corner that bumps out and the windows/doors are definitely not laid out to give maximum furniture space. It makes up for what it lacks though, in that it’s cozy and homey and definitely an easy place to be together. (Lol…seriously though, you either get close or you go outside. There aren’t many more options when there’s a house full of people!) Our tree is probably a little too big for the space, but it makes me happy and there isn’t really anywhere else to put it.

Because I like to decorate, I’ve learned to utilize wall space in the living room. There are shelves, a pegboard, wall art, and framed photos. This year, I added a wreath to the wall as well. Hello, Command Hooks. You are my new favorite thing!


The theme in the living room actually came from last year’s hallway. While the Hoosier cabinet was the perfect setting for the North Pole Sorting Office, I knew that I wanted something different in there and moved the North Pole to the living room!


This was yet another room that I was determined to employ the “use what you have” method. The only thing new is the Elf Surveillance hanger that my Momma bought me (it’s on the other side of the tree that you can’t see) and the North Pole Sorting Office sign that I printed myself. Everything in this room is something that we had previously bought, made, or had given to us. Definitely a lot of memories in here.

And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without all of the beautiful creations my Momma has painted through the years!



My Christmas Kitchen



Decorations in the kitchen are nowhere near the extent of the living room or hallway. That’s partly because it’s a combination kitchen/dining room and there isn’t a lot of storage. I need my shelf space! I commandeered a few of them, but I made sure to use things that were already in the kitchen to decorate with.


It didn’t make sense for me to move my collection of cookbooks or glass beverage dispensers when I could make them part of a display!


Hall is Merry & Bright



The hallway is one of my favorite places to decorate. I know that’s weird, but there it is!

It’s an oddly shaped space and not really good for anything practical, so I just try to make it look pretty. Putting the Hoosier cabinet there was one of my better ideas.

It’s the first place I start when it’s time to decorate for anything because I’m not really in the way when I’m trying different design ideas back there. As long as my supplies are mostly out of the way by bedtime, everybody is satisfied!

I wanted to do something different this year. We had several decorations leftover from our daughter’s high school graduation party (most of which I made) and they were just the happiest colors!


Looking at them really inspired me to use what I had and make what I didn’t. You can read about some of my projects for the hallway HERE.

One of my projects didn’t make it onto the blog post and I thought it was too cute not to share. Just a canvas, some scrapbook supplies, and Mod Podge. Pinterest inspired and so much fun!


The Trooper Tree



Are you new here? Or maybe you’ve only read a post or two? If so, you might not know that my husband was in Law Enforcement. He’s officially been a retired State Trooper for a little over a year. The Trooper Tree made the first appearance about six years ago and it’s been up almost every year since.

Truthfully, it started because I bought a new tree for the living room and I had an extra one that was just sitting there looking all sad. And he had all this police stuff…everywhere. What better way to corral it than to hang it on a tree?!?


The number of decorations on it is definitely growing–more ornaments, ribbons, picks, etc. Not sure how much longer that tree is going to last though. I have to pick up fake pine needles every time I walk by!


Be a Mermaid



Sadly, my boys stopped caring about decorating their rooms for Christmas years ago. My oldest has his own place and my middle child mostly just sleeps here, so having a tree up is not a priority for them. Maybe it’s a guy thing?

Fortunately, my baby girl definitely embraces Christmas! Maybe not to the extent that I do, but it’s definitely part of her and that makes me super happy.

Since she happened to be away at college, I cleaned her room and put up a few things.

She decorated the Mermaid Tree herself while she was home for a few days and I think she did a fine job. (Note: We have offered to repaint her wall, but her grandmother started that mural and Spizzie says it will remain. As a matter of fact, she says she’s taking the wall with her when she goes. Lol…I’m not sure how that’s going to work!)


Come Back and See Me!


That concludes the 2019 Home Tour. I really hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a little inspiration!

Always remember that Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be about perfection or the latest trend. It’s more about what makes you happy, what sparks your imagination, and what brings back the best memories.

May you have all of that and more, every year at Christmastime.