How To Get Crafty for Christmas!

My fellow crafters can tell you that in a perfect world we would craft every day of the year.  However, we don’t live in a perfect world and most of us rarely get to craft the way we want to.

Getting crafty for Christmas can require a little more than getting out the glue and glitter, but it can be both fun and rewarding!  Whether you make things for yourself or to give as gifts, it’s nice to have something you made with your own hands.

Christmas crafts run the gamut from decorations to candy to decor like wreaths and painted projects.  Basically, if you can make it, you can give it as a gift!  Of course, crafting is not just to create gifts for friends and loved ones–it’s a great way to create family “heirlooms” or traditions that can be passed on for years to come.

Here are a few tips to help us all get crafty for Christmas:

  1.  Get organized.  Make lists of crafts and projects you want to complete for yourself and those you want to make as gifts.
  2. Be realistic.  I know that no one wants to hear this, but it may not be possible to make gifts for every person on your list if you wait until the week before Christmas.  Start as early as possible, pare down your list if you have to, and change project ideas if needed.
  3. Use what you have.  Use up craft supplies, by all means.  However, don’t be afraid to upcycle things you have to make something new.  There isn’t much that can’t be painted (think chalk paint) or many fabrics that can’t be used to make rag wreaths, aprons, throw pillows, or doll clothes.
  4. Make multiples.  If you make homemade scrubs, lotions, household products, sweets, or other treats, make a few extra.  These can be used to fill up a basket or as a quick gift for someone you may not have on your list.

There are literally thousands of Christmas craft, decor, and gift ideas out there.  Some of them, like my Let It Snow jar, are simple.  Simple doesn’t really matter as long as it comes from the heart though. Whatever your goals, start now and get creative and crafty for Christmas!

How To Get Crafty for Christmas!


How To Get Crafty for Christmas!





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