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Once upon a time, someone said, “You should start a blog.”  And in a moment of insanity, That One Mom was born!

I’m Beth and I’m the craziness creative force behind That One Mom.  I’m wife to the Super Trooper and Mom to Funny Bubby, Sunshine Boy, and the Spizzie.  I’m daughter to Mimi and beyond that, I’m a sister, grandchild, cousin, niece, in-law, outlaw, and friend! I love to cook, but hate to wash dishes.  I love to craft, decorate, talk, laugh, sing, write, and travel.  It’s possible that I’m addicted to Pinterest and I may or may not have hoarding tendencies!

The idea behind That One Mom is to share my favorite recipes, decoration inspiration, travel tips, and family stories with you all.  There are a lot of things I could tell you about myself, but I want to keep it simple…that way you have plenty of time to check out my other great content!!

That One Mom Favorites:

Frozen Dessert Grapes (aka Sugared Grapes!)Frozen Dessert Grapes

This Is What Beautiful Looks Like: A Microtia StoryThis Is What Beautiful Looks Like

14 Things For the Non-Rider To Do at Dollywood!

14 Things For the Non-Rider To Do at Dollywood!

30 Day "Clear the Clutter" Challenge!! (Plus a Printable to Keep You On Track)

30-Day Clear the Clutter Challenge

Everybody's Favorite Bacon Potato Soup

Everybody’s Favorite Bacon Potato Soup

Other Things To Know:

I share free printables and decorating ideas (Everything Holiday and DIY); recipes and food tips (Everything Food); family stories, money tips, clutter and cleaning plans (Everything Home & Family); in addition to travel and lots of other fun stuff (Everything Else)!

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I’d love to hear from you!!

Until then, remember:

I am THAT one mom.  The one who is sometimes too strict and sometimes too lenient.  That one who worries too much.  Who makes her kids follow rules.  Who comes up with weird punishments, like making teenagers hug and watch Barney.  That one who laughs really loud.  Who cries during commercials and Disney movies and sappy videos on the internet.  That mom who cooks all the time, but hates to wash the dishes.  Who is addicted to Pinterest.  Who thinks her children are so incredibly amazing and sometimes, so incredibly annoying.  Who thinks her husband just gets hotter with age (and sometimes, he’s annoying too).  That mom who wishes more people would visit, but understands because we all lead such busy lives.  Plus, we live in the boonies.

That mom who procrastinates.  Who secretly wishes to be incredibly organized.  Who loves potato chips.  Who makes a lot of crafts–most of which are flops.  That mom who wants to throw parties, but is usually too tired.  And broke.  The one who loves her own Momma and sometimes wishes to be a little girl again.  That mom who random strangers tell their life stories to.  Who is always good for a piece of advice or a sarcastic comment.

That mom who tries to be supportive.  Who tries to teach responsibility.  Who sometimes goes a little batty.  Who can be funny.  Who can be fierce.  Who can get tired.

That one mom who loves to read.  Who finds movies fascinating.  Who not only hears music, but believes she feels it in her soul.  The one who uses big words.  Who questions.  Who tries to answer in a way that makes sense.

That mom who talks too much.  Who says, I love you.  Who loves hugs.  And kisses.  And cuddles.  The one who tells embarrassing stories.  Who shows naked baby pictures.

That one who is sometimes too much and sometimes too little.  Yes.  I am THAT one mom.

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