It’s Almost Fall Y’all!!

This weather is killing me.  It’s gloomy and rainy and we haven’t had a full week of sunshine in I-don’t-know-when!  We’ve had so much rain that I’ve noticed there are little bits of mildew on the porch siding and I just washed that thing in May.  I’m really not excited about having to do it again.

But I will add it to my growing list of things to do, because I am excited about decorating my porch this year.  I didn’t do much to it last year, but the year before it was absolutely glorious and I loved it!  I’m planning to do some similar things this fall.  It would be so nice to paint it and have those metal trellis-like things (what are they called?) replaced with some really nice columns.  Sadly, we will be spending our money on college tuition for Funny Bubby, so I guess that’s out!  I’m not sure there will be any inexpensive mums to buy at the Flea Market either, because this weather has absolutely drowned or rotted everything in the ground.

Still, I’m really in the mood to decorate and I’m chomping at the bit to make a new wreath for my front door.  I’ll let you know how that goes–ha, ha!

These are some pictures from my porch two years ago (last year was not a good year for my fall decorating!!!).  I tend to use whatever I have and upcycle whenever possible.  I also can’t afford to spend a lot on flowers.  I got a good deal on the mums because the guy selling them was finished for the weekend and he didn’t want to pack them up!  I hope I can luck up like that again this year.  : )

It's Almost Fall Y'all

My favorite fall decoration is my Pumpkin man.  My beautiful, wonderful, talented, creative Momma made him for me.  She glued some gourds together and painted him by hand.  She is such an incredibly talented artist that it is not even funny!!  She can take $2 worth of nothing and make it into something gorgeous.  She amazes me with the stuff she comes up with!!

Pumpkin Man Collage

She also made me these burlap trees out of tomato cages.  She just tied everything with wire and wrapped some grapevine from my backyard around them.  Then we used ribbon and some picks I already had to decorate them.  I still have these and change them up for the other holidays!

Burlap Tree With Pumpkin Burlap Tree with Crow

I’m thinking about painting my barn star a brighter color red and my bench is now apple green with red and white polka dots, so I’m going to have to change up the decorating theme a little.  I don’t know if the red polka dots will be very fall-ish, so I might get a small piece of plain burlap and make a temporary seat cover.  I’m definitely open to suggestions and I’d love to read your comments if you’d like to leave me some!

I have to say I’m getting very excited about this.  I love it when my house looks cute (makes me feel accomplished) and I love fall since it means cooler weather (eventually) and more of the yummy foods like potato soup, apple cider, and pumpkin bread!!!  For some reason, nobody wants soup or cider on the hot days.

Now if the weather would just cooperate for a while…