It’s July…Are You Prepping for Christmas Yet?!?

This year is truly flying by.  It’s July.  Already?!?  I’ve noticed a lot of websites and even brick-and-mortar stores advertising Christmas in July and that made me think–are you doing any Christmas prep yet?

I honestly don’t mean to imply that we should have all of our shopping done or our decorating planned out.  But really, have you even thought about it?  Made any lists?  Saved any money?  I’ve started saving, but I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  I’ve also thought about some crafts to make, but thinking is as far as it goes.

It's July...Are You Prepping for Christmas Yet?!?


It’s always a good idea to get a head start and the more we get finished now, the less we will have to worry about in December.  Today I offer a few ideas for getting ahead in your Christmas prep!

Things To Do Now For a Less Stressful Christmas

  • Make a list of everyone you would like to give a gift to and if possible, what kind of gift it would be.
  • Set a budget and start looking for ways to save on gifts or earn more money before Christmas.
  • Start looking at recipes you would like to make.  It’s possible to find some great deals on canned goods or baking items and save them for later.  (Put them in the freezer if you need to!)
  • Do you intend to make crafts and homemade items?  Start saving supplies–or better yet–start crafting!
  • Look into the cost of any trips or activities your family may participate in.  Factor that into your budget.
  • Schedule family photos early!
  • Look for Advent or Random Acts of Kindness ideas.
  • Purchase Christmas albums or movies now.  They are usually a lot less expensive in the summer!

These are just a few ways to make this Christmas a little less stressful.  If you need more tips, check out these other blog posts:

Are you preparing for Christmas yet?  We would love to hear your best tips for early prep!

It's July...Are You Prepping for Christmas Yet?!?


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