Monday Money Tip: Replace Your Dryer Sheets

Sometimes the ability to save money is born out of desperation!  That’s the case with this Monday Money Tip I’m sharing today!

We ran out of dryer sheets at the That One Mom household and it was one of those days when I absolutely refused to drive to town to buy more.  The only problem with that is I forgot to write it on the list and therefore, forgot to stop and get any every time I drove by the store on my way to work!  It only took one load of laundry to figure out that something had to give.  So what’s a mom to do in this situation?  Turn to the internet of course!

A lot of suggestions were great–the problem was that I didn’t have those ingredients either.  There was one though…and as crazy as it sounded, it worked!

It’s a little complicated, so pay attention.  Get some aluminum foil.  Tear off a small sheet.  Wad it in a ball.  Throw it in the dryer.

Monday Money Tip: Replace Your Dryer Sheets

That’s it!  How much easier could it get?

Now I did make two of these dryer balls just so that I wouldn’t have to dig through the dry clothes to find one to throw in the next load.  That’s totally optional though.  And it’s not necessary to wad them up really tight (so you don’t need to be super strong), as they will tighten up in the dryer.  Now, I won’t lie–I did finally buy some dryer sheets.  That’s because we have a few things that still get a lot of static and sometimes, I just want to make things smell nice!  I suppose if you had some essential oils, you could put some on a cloth and throw that in the dryer too.  (I’ll try that soon and let you know how it goes!)

Even if you don’t exclusively use these aluminum foil balls in the laundry, you can still save money by alternating with regular dryer sheets.  These foil balls worked really great on the majority of our laundry though and so far they have worked for a couple of weeks.  I’m going to assume there is some big scientific reason that they will continue to eliminate the static, but I’m not interested enough to research it!

That’s it for today’s Monday Money Tip.  Try replacing your dryer sheets for a load or two and let me know what you think!!

Monday Money Tip: Replace Your Dryer Sheets