My Amazon Wish List…What This Mom Really Wants For Christmas!

Let’s be clear here:  I don’t expect Christmas presents.  And I am just as happy with something homemade or given from the heart, as I am with anything that could be bought at the store.  My daughter actually started a tradition of going through her room and wrapping up things she didn’t want anymore to give to me.  She started it at first because she had no money to buy anything and now it’s just become “our thing.”  I wouldn’t change it either, because it totally comes from the heart.  Still, I don’t mind a present or two and I’m happy to share some recommendations from my own Amazon Wish List that I think a lot of other moms might like to have too.

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1. Exercise Videos.  Let’s face it, most of us could probably use a little more exercise.  Personally, I could use a lot more!  I already own a couple of Leslie Sansone videos and I like that I get a workout without feeling like I’m going to pass out at any minute.  Not passing out is very important to me.  ; )

2.  Amope Pedi Perfect.  When your feet are so rough that they spark when you rub them together, this might just be the gift for you…

3.  Outlander:  Season 1.  I loved the Outlander books and the part of Season 1 that I actually got to watch.  I’d love to start them all from the beginning again and this DVD set looks like a good way to go!

4.  Outlander–The Books.  There are actually seven books in this series, but this box set is a great place to start.  And while you are at it, Finding Fraser is a wonderful story in itself.  Go ahead and add it to the list!

5.  Music.  Any kind will do, but at the moment I am kind of lusting after this Chris Stapleton album.  I admit with shame that I had no real inkling of who he was until I saw him perform on television with Justin Timberlake.  Fabulous!!  I definitely know who he is now!

6.  Cute boots.  Boots go with a lot.  They can be fun, dressy, or completely casual.  (Also, I really want all the colors they have of these!)

7.  Photography equipment.  A new camera would be nice, but this kit would go a long way toward making my blog pictures better.  If you know a mom who loves photography, this would be a great way for her to practice with lighting.

8.  The Goldbergs.  If you have any real memories of the 80’s, this is a must watch.  I’m positive I’m not the only one out there who says, “I had that outfit” or “I had that same haircut” when they watch this show!!

9. A sexy outfit. Truthfully, I have no place to wear a fancy dress or a sexy outfit, but that never stops me from dreaming. Of course, my body type runs a little more toward round and fluffy, so I’m gonna need that exercise video before I try to wear anything too fitting!

10.  Cookbooks.  You know, just in case the sexy outfit thing doesn’t work out and because people always seem to want to eat!  This particular book has recipes and meal plans and meal plans are very handy to have.

11.  Food Chopper/Slicer/Cutter.  I have no idea if this really works, but we have a local restaurant that has the most perfectly uniform chopped veggies on their salad bar.  I suspect they use something like this to cut them up and I WANT one!!

12.  Kangoo Jumps Boots.  These are for exercise and I’m fairly certain I will break a leg if I ever use them.  Still…they look like too much fun to resist!

13.  Cards Against Humanity.  I love board games and I’ve heard this one is great for a big people game night if you were so inclined to have one.

14.  A Sand-Free Multi Mat.  If you really want to do something nice for Mom, take her on vacation.  For me, a great vacation would take place on the beach and this “beach blanket” supposedly lets all the little particles of sand fall through so that they don’t stick to you.  How great is that?!?

15. A calendar. If Mom is going to be exercising, cooking, reading, watching movies, dressing up, taking pictures, or hosting game nights before she goes on vacation, she is going to need some way to keep track of it all!

Moms are traditionally known to be happy with anything.  Gifts of time and interruption-free naps are always appreciated, as well as having someone else do the dishes or laundry every now and then!  Hopefully this will give everyone gift ideas for mom that they might not have thought of before.  And if your mom doesn’t like any of them, feel free to send them to me!!


My Amazon Wish List...What This Mom Really Wants For Christmas!