My Christmas Bucket List + A Bucket List Printable!

My Christmas Bucket List + A Bucket List Printable!

Today, we’re going to talk Bucket Lists…Christmas Bucket Lists to be specific! I don’t know about you, but I make one every year. Or I should say, I write one down every year, forget to put it where we can all see it, and rarely even remember half of the things I wanted to check off of my list. Anyone else ever do that?

This Bucket List Printable would be great to hang on the fridge so that I don’t forget. I’m also sharing it with you so that you can print your own!

Now, I am really big on list-making and I’m also really big on big lists! I always tend to have too much. My original Bucket List wouldn’t fit on the type of printable I wanted to make, so I condensed it down. The good news is that if I finish the first one, I can always make a new one with all of the things I left out! You can do that too and it doesn’t have to be fancy. A piece of paper with a list you can check off will do. Just make sure you put it where you can see it and don’t leave it in your notebook like me.  : )


My original Christmas Bucket List consisted of 14 items.  Those are:


Watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate.  I know this is a given for most of us, but I wanted to start with something I knew we would accomplish! I hate having a list and not getting to check anything off of it. This way, I get one big checkmark for sure!!

Sing Christmas carols.  Who am I kidding? This happens even when it’s not Christmas-time!!

Take family portraits.  Let me give you a little tip. This gets exceedingly difficult the older they get, so do it now!! Once they are old enough to drive and/or work, it’s like pulling teeth to get them all in the same place at the same time!

Make Christmas crafts.  I’ve already made a few of those, but I have some more planned!

Make an Advent Calendar.  I haven’t ever done this consistently. We have a wall-hanging that is our Advent Calendar and I used to put treats in it. I’d like to make one that’s Scripture and one that has different activities, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Adopt an Angel Tree Child.  The Super Trooper and Spizzie used to do this every year at church. It was their annual Father-Daughter tradition. They would pick a child and then shop and wrap the gifts together. We don’t have a regular church that we attend anymore, but I’m sure several of the local businesses will have Angel Trees that we can donate to.

Watch a Christmas play or concert.  Sadly, my Spizzie girl is in college and didn’t join the choir so going to the Christmas concert isn’t a given like it used to be. I’m sure I’ll find some local music events to go to, but it’s just not the same without my baby girl. She is like my “Christmas Crazy” enabler!!

Donate food.  There is always someone who could use a food basket.

Take a candlelight tour of a historic place.  Biltmore would be at the top of my candlelight tour list, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to travel during the Christmas season. There are some gorgeous historical places in Kentucky who hold candlelight tours, so I’ll probably visit one of those instead.

Go to a Christmas party.  Some years we are invited to multiple parties. Other years, I feel a little forgotten! This doesn’t really upset me though, because the older I get, the less exciting it is to get ready for a party. Unless someone is throwing a pajama party and we are going to sit around and eat and watch movies…then I’m down for that!

Throw a Christmas party.  We might have to do this after Christmas. That would be a good idea though. I like after Christmas parties just as well and my decorations won’t come down anytime soon!

Do Random Acts of Christmas.  Basically, those are just Random Acts of Kindness, with maybe a little silliness thrown in. My Random Acts of Christmas include taking food to the police and fire departments, making gifts for teachers and school staff, making food for the people my boys work with, sending cards to the soldiers, writing letters to friends and family members to let them know they are loved, candy-caning a parking lot, and any other nice thing I can think of!

Send Christmas cards.  Sometimes I fill out dozens of cards and never address them or send them. There are probably still some that are already signed! I have the best of intentions…I really do. This is going to be the year!

Take a family trip.  It may be a day trip to see lights or go to some random Christmas event, but I need some time with my husband and my babies. They have all grown up on me too fast and having all of us together at once seems to be a rarity. (I’m trying not to cry right now, but it’s not really working.) Anytime I get all of them together and have some family time it makes my heart so very happy!

That’s my entire list. Like I said before, I had to condense it down a little. I may not finish the whole thing, but I’m going to do my best.

Now tell me, what’s on your Christmas Bucket List? You never know, I might like to try something that you already plan on doing!!

Christmas Bucket List


  1. This is a really good bucket list. I will borrow the idea of delivering food to a local police or fire department. I think serving those who can’t be with their families is important.
    There are so many things on this list that are thoughtful and self-less. The home stylist in me would like to see the advents calendar you will be making. I hope you will be sharing on the blog. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!