My Summer Bucket List (with a free printable for you!)

I know, I know…it’s not quite summertime yet.  It will be soon enough though and I’m going to be ready!!  Usually, I make a list of all of things I would like to do over the summer.  A good portion of it is what I think the kids might like to do, but they are all teenagers now so they can make their own lists.   This one is full of the things I want to do for a change!

Some of the things on this list probably seem a little silly for a grown woman, but honestly, I’m just a big kid at heart.  I like to be silly and do “kid” stuff sometimes too!

My Summer Bucket List:

1.  Go to the beach

2.  See dolphins

3.  Make sponge bombs and have a water fight

4.  Take a boat ride

5.  Go to Dollywood

6.  Have cookouts, potlucks, and/or bonfires with friends and family

7.  Have a picnic in the woods

8.  Have family portraits made

9.  Hang out at the pool

10.  Eat fresh produce–specifically strawberries, watermelon, and tomatoes

11.  Reread the Harry Potter series

12.  Make homemade ice cream…and popsicles while we’re at it!

13.  Have a scavenger hunt

14.  Go fishing

15.  See the moonbow at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

16.  Make giant bubbles with hula hoops

17.  Play yard games, i.e., yard twister, frisbee tic tac toe, etc

18.  Make s’mores

19.  Have a color fight

20.  Have an outdoor movie night

21.  Catch lightning bugs

22.  Make a fairy garden

23.  Explore local attractions and state parks

24.  Hang out with my grandparents

25.  Go to a concert

This may not seem like much of a bucket list, but considering I have to work all of this around my family, my job, and my blog activities, it might be asking a bit much.  That is the awesome thing about bucket lists–if you don’t get to cross off everything on the list, you can always add it to a new one!

If you have a summer bucket list, I’d love for you to share it with me.  If you don’t, I just happen to have one here that you can print off–complete with blank spaces that can be personalized!

Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List (with a free printable for you!)

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