Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida

It surely has been a whirlwind week for the That One Mom household.  I don’t mean that in a we-were-so-busy-we-couldn’t-see-straight way.  I mean it in the-week-went-by-too-fast sort of way!  Part of the family got to spend a week in beautiful Perdido Key, Florida…and man, was it glorious!

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida


I know it seems an odd time of year to take a beach vacation (school has already started back most everywhere), but we just weren’t able to fit one in during the summer.  Our daughter did have to miss a week of school, but we filled out the proper papers and she was able to keep in touch with her teachers through email and text.  Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing!

Initially, this was going to be a vacation for the whole family, but Sunshine Boy couldn’t get the necessary days off of work despite asking well in advance.  He’s not a full-time employee (no benefits) and he has been very willing to do whatever they needed of him without complaint, so I didn’t hardly think it was fair.  Still, I admire his work ethic.  I’m honestly hoping he’ll look for another job soon, but it is too late to join in on the family fun!

At any rate, I scheduled our vacation and I found a fabulous condo for half of the price of what I paid for a condo last year–and it even had an extra bedroom.  My indoor photos aren’t great, as the Super Trooper talked me into leaving the big camera at home and my phone takes crappy indoor pictures.  Therefore, I can’t really do this place justice, but if you’ll check out the link, their pictures are a little better than mine!

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida

We like to stay at Ocean Breezes for the view, but we totally fell in love with this unit.  So much so, that my husband now has condo fever and wants to own a place on the beach.  Now it’s not just me who is dreaming!!

The whole unit was a great size–but the master bedroom was huge.  And I do so love a King size bed…especially with the tall husband I have to share it with.  It’s really nice not to have someone’s feet over on your side of the bed.  ; )

There was also a bedroom with a queen bed, a bedroom with two twin beds, and a couch that converted.  We thought we were going to be full up, but since Sunshine couldn’t make it, my sister decided not to join us, and my Mom is holding out for a mountain trip in the fall, we had more than enough room for everyone to have privacy.  I’m not sure why we need it, that’s just what they say on all of those house hunter shows!

There were two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.  The kitchen was great–they even had a full-size muffin tin.  Do you know how strange that is?  I brought my small one, but I’ve never stayed anywhere that had a muffin tin stocked in the kitchen before!!  (Obviously, even the little things impress me.)  I fell in love with the dryer while I was there too.  The washer was great, but the dryer had a button that “touched up” the clothes.  I’ve never seen a dryer get out wrinkles like that!

My favorite thing about the entire unit was the view.  If you looked to the right, it was pretty much unobstructed.  So gorgeous!!  (The left was super pretty too.)  We spent a lot of time on the balcony when we weren’t on the beach.  Spizzie and I even got to watch the dolphins jumping one morning.  Watching dolphins never gets old and watching them jump is a sight to behold!

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida


Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida

The owners, Elizabeth and Tony, were awesome to work with.  They made everything so easy and they kept in touch by text through the week just to see if we needed anything.  They also left a sweet note and some cupcakes waiting for us when we arrived.  You don’t get treatment like that everywhere!

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida

Like I said before, it must be an odd time to take a vacation because there really weren’t that many people there.  We’ve been three different times of the year and I have to say September may become my new favorite beach month!  There may be places on the beach that get super congested, but that wasn’t the case on our end and you won’t hear me complaining about it either.  It was a little cloudy sometimes in the mornings, but I figure an overcast day at the beach is better than a day at work or school anytime!



It also isn’t one of those touristy places that has all kinds of extra activities, but if you drive a little bit either direction, you can be in Pensacola, Orange Beach, or Gulf Shores.  We like to eat dinner in Alabama at least once just to say we’ve been there and the kids played a round of putt-putt in Orange Beach.

Staying in Perdido Key also puts you within a few minutes of the National Naval Aviation Museum.  That is a wonderful place to spend a few hours and if you check the schedule, you might get to see the Blue Angels fly.  That is one of those things that also never gets old.

Perdido Key is a great place to visit.  It’s always clean, it’s always relaxing, and I’m ready to go back any time now!


Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida


*These are not affiliate links.  I’m not being paid for this review…I just love it and want to share it with you so that you can love it too!!

Places & Spaces: Perdido Key, Florida
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