Letter to Santa Printable and How to Send It!

Do your children write letters to Santa? Does Santa send a reply?

Letters to Santa are a precious gesture that children of all ages can participate in. What to include in the letter is individual to each writer, but here are a few suggestions:

  1. Questions–Nothing is too silly or too serious for Santa. Encourage your child to ask anything they want. Let them be curious and creative!
  2. A Christmas wish list. There’s a good chance that Santa already knows what everybody wants, but it never hurts to throw out an idea or two. If you intend to mail this wish list, take a picture of it or make a copy for a future scrapbook.
  3. How is their behavior? Whether the person writing the letter has been naughty or nice (or somewhere in between), remind your kids to be honest about it. Most of us aren’t nice 24/7. It’s okay to admit that!
  4. Something they would like to give someone else. Christmas is the season of giving. It’s all in good fun to write a letter to Santa and ask for presents, but it’s even better to give to others.



Postal Service & Email


There are various ways to “get in touch” with Santa and that includes sending letters and emails. The United States Postal Service website has instructions for mailing your letters so that your child can receive a reply. You just mail your child’s letter and a reply with a stamped and addressed envelope and they’ll mail it back to you so that it has the North Pole postmark. The exact instructions for these Letters from Santa are on the USPS website, but here is the address.

North Pole Postmark Postmaster

4141 Postmark Drive

Anchorage, AK 99530-9998


If you don’t necessarily need a reply, letters can also be addressed to:

Santa Claus

North Pole


These are alternate addresses that I found, but I’m not positive where the letters would be going. The US Postal Service address that is listed is in Anchorage, but if you aren’t too worried about getting a reply either of these might be an okay place to send your letters as well!

Santa Claus

325 S. Santa Claus Lane

North Pole, Alaska 99705


123 Elf Road

North Pole, 88888


If like me, you always seem to manage to miss the deadline on letters and cards, then an email might be a better option!

When you send Santa an email through Macy’s (Macy’s Believe), they donate to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. What a sweet way to give back this holiday season.

Santa’s North Pole also offers a “letters to Santa” option, as well as what looks like some fun games for the kiddos.

If none of these sounds like an option, there are also several stamps that look like a North Pole postmark. If you invest in one of these, you can send letters from Santa all month long!! An added bonus is that you can save the letters for a Christmas memory book.


Just in case you were wondering, here’s what my letter to Santa would say…

Dear Santa,

This is Beth again. I don’t know if you’ve received my other letters, but as I haven’t received a reply and I didn’t get that Caribbean cruise last year, I can only believe that my mail is somehow being delivered to the wrong North Pole.

I’m not telling you how old I am. Truthfully, you already know all that, but even if you didn’t, it doesn’t need to be spoken out loud. (When you speak things, you give them life and so I’ve been speaking my age as 29. I repeat, 29.) Do you still know where I live? I’m starting to think you’ve been deliberately flying over my house and forgetting to stop for the last few years.

I have been very nice this year. It is possible that there could be a fair amount of naughty sprinkled in and probably some behavior that can only be described as questionable, but the good stuff outweighed the bad so let’s just go with nice.

Anywho, here are a few nice things that I have done this year:

I washed everybody’s laundry and made sure they were fed, said nice things to people and wrote really encouraging status updates on Facebook, threw my daughter an awesome graduation party and my in-laws a really nice anniversary party, and I didn’t yell at my husband when he brought home another dog. As a matter of fact, I only yelled at him a couple of times this whole year and I apologized for it afterward. And… I didn’t run away from home, even when I wanted to.

Santa, one thing I really want for Christmas is more help around the house.

Other things I would like are bills that are paid in full, a fully stocked pantry and fridge, for everything that is broken around the house to be fixed, and a couple of quiet days in the mountains with some good books and a hot tub.

A book I would like to have to read is The Richest Man Who Ever Lived.

One thing I would like to have to wear is a new pair of jeans because mine busted. I think they were dry rotted or something…

Gifts I would like to give others are confidence, self-love, kindness, and sausage balls.

I appreciate any gifts you want to bring me and if you could wash the plate and glass after you have your snack, that would be fabulous. I’ll leave some food out for the reindeer as well, but please don’t let them in the house again. I’m still trying to get the stains out of the carpet from last time.

Please tell Mrs. Claus I said hello and to send me an email sometime. I’d love to know what it’s like to have minions  elves to do what you tell them to do. Do they freelance at all??

As always, I look forward to your visit. I love the spirit of giving that you represent and I hope you have the merriest of Christmases!



Just For You

Hahaha… That might be a little long and mom-like for a young writer, so I’m including this super cute printable to help everybody out!

Letter to Santa Printable