It’s Been Super Quiet Here On the Blog…

I apologize.  I know it’s been quiet here and none of my promised Christmas ideas have made an appearance.  It’s bad business, but more than that, it makes me sad.

I had big plans, but my body is not cooperating.  I have managed to do some decorating, but I’m not super pleased with it.  Shopping isn’t finished, food gifts are nonexistent so far, and it is a major effort to go anywhere or do anything.  Some days I am fine and some days it hurts just to sit upright.  I’m not working either, so that adds to the stress.  I quit my outside job to blog and do transcription.  Unfortunately, since I’m only able to type for short periods of time and only with a few of my fingers, transcription has flown out the window.  Speed and accuracy are what they desire.  Speed and accuracy are what I don’t got!

I do plan to share some decorating ideas here on the blog, but beyond that, it will just depend on the day.  I’m so, so, so, so sorry.

Thank you all for visiting the blog and being so patient with me.

Love and hugs,


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