Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 23: Video and Board Game Overload

With three children, there has never been a shortage of video games or board games here.  They make excellent gifts, but many times games sit unopened and unused.  We don’t need any more dust collectors in this house, so it’s time to clear them out!  Challenge Day 23 is all about that video and board game overload and what to do with it. To Do: Go through all board and card games to make sure all pieces/cards are there.  Get {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 22: Back to the Books and Movies

We visited our movie/book stash early on in the challenge, but it’s time to go back!  Challenge Day 22 asks us to find 10 more books and/or movies that we can stand to part with.  This is hard, y’all!! Most people know by now that I have a really hard time letting go of books and movies.  Most especially, the books!  When it comes right down to it, it’s all about priorities.  Do I want to sit in the house {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 21: How Many Clothes Can One Kid Wear?

How many clothes can one kid wear?  Well, not many at a time.  How many they can own is a totally different story!  Challenge Day 21 is about getting rid of other people’s clothing.  (If you don’t have a child, you can downsize someone else’s hoard–a spouse or a roommate–or just work on yours again!) We have been so very blessed in the lives to have so many friends and family members who pass down clothes and/or buy them for our children. {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 20: Cleaning Supplies and the Rag Pile

Cleaning Supplies and the Rag Pile.  Sounds like the start of a wonderful romance novel, doesn’t it?!?  Challenge Day 20 is about that pesky rag pile and the excess cleaning supplies.  You know you have a problem when you don’t even want to throw the old rags away! I know there are people out there who aren’t savers.  If you don’t have a huge pile of old towels, shirts, and random fabric scraps, you can skip this day and go {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 18: Don’t Be a Shoe Hoarder!

Know what you get when you hoard shoes?  A bunch of stink.  Challenge Day 18 is about clearing out the shoe clutter!  And boy, do we have it. I’m really not certain why there are so many shoes here, but they seem to be everywhere.  Sometimes you can smell it.  Yuck! For today’s challenge, ask that every family member give up one pair of shoes.  That’s it.  Just one.  Not so hard, right?  Then maybe ask them to give up {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 17: Makeup and Jewelry and Perfume, Oh My!

Makeup, Jewelry, Perfume…most of us have some.  Challenge Day 17 encourages us to cut it back!  I know, I know, you just have to have it all.  Be honest though, how much do you really use at the same time?  It won’t hurt anyone to let go of a few things.  Even if you’re convinced you’ll be an ugly hag without it!! (This post includes an Amazon affiliate link.  That One Mom is an Amazon affiliate, but you are never {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 16: At Kitchen’s End…

Since we divided the kitchen decluttering into several parts, the kitchen should be winding down now!  Challenge Day 16 is about the last few cabinets that need to be cleaned out.  (Don’t forget this includes shelving without doors as well.)  If the cabinets are all good, this would be a great day to clean door fronts, cabinet tops, counters, or appliances.  You might even throw in a window or two! Cleaning out the kitchen has actually been a little harder {Read More}