Decking the Halls at That One Mom!

The halls are being decked as we speak!  I can’t seem to get them just right though.  Bummer for me.  : (  Every time I think I’m finished, I think of something else I would rather have.  The problem is, I don’t have the time to make everything I want and buying it all is surely not an option!! It’s also hard to decorate when you are juggling so many other things.  I’m not sure where I found all of {Read More}

We Need A Little Christmas: 2014 Living Room Decor!

We Need A Little Christmas: 2014 Living Room Decor! Good news, good news!  My living room is completely decorated!  Unfortunately, there are no presents in it.  I’ll get to that eventually… Decorating around here has taken so long this year.  I had no idea I was such a busy person and I don’t remember it ever taking me this long.  I think maybe I’m just getting slower.  Or maybe other people don’t try to decorate every available surface the way that I {Read More}

Goodbye Christmas Home Tour

As much as I wanted to share my Christmas house with you, it just wasn’t meant to be.  Between the cooking and the cleaning and the celebrating and the kidney stone passing, there just wasn’t time. And as much as I would LOVE to leave my decorations up for at least half the year, some people who live here don’t like the look as much as I do.  As sad as it makes me, it’s time to say goodbye to all {Read More}