Christmas Music Monday: Christmas In the Country

Christmas Music Monday:  Christmas In the Country “Monday, Monday.  So good to me.  Monday, Monday.  It was all I hoped it would be.”  How has your Monday been so far?  Is it all you hoped it would be?  Probably not (poor Monday gets such a bad rap), but I know how to make it better!! It’s Christmas Music Monday again and today I have some great Country tunes to get your toes tapping and your hearts happy! At the risk {Read More}

Christmas Music Monday: Make a Joyful Christmas Noise!

Christmas Music Monday:  Make a Joyful Christmas Noise! It’s time for a little Christmas music!  Technically, it’s not Monday, but I’m hoping you won’t hold that against me.  Yesterday was a rough day and I just didn’t get it done! After coming home to find that there was no running water and having to put dinner on hold for a few hours, I definitely needed to feel a little joyful!  Any of these albums will do for a quick “pick me up.” {Read More}

Christmas Music Monday: Southern Gospel Christmas

Christmas Music Monday:  Southern Gospel Christmas It’s Monday again!  I say that like you didn’t already know.  I’m hoping it hasn’t been too manic for you though.  : ) Today’s Christmas Music Monday is focused on my favorite Southern Gospel Christmas albums.  Although I’ve listened to a lot of it in my day, my husband has much more knowledge about Southern Gospel than I probably ever will.  That still doesn’t stop me from picking a few of my favorites to {Read More}

Christmas Music Monday: Christmas Favorites!

Christmas Music Monday: Christmas Favorites!   Happy Monday, music lovers!!  It’s time for yet another installment of Christmas Music Monday.  I hope you are as happy about that as I am! Today, I will be featuring some of my very own Christmas favorites.  I’m sure you all have those albums that you listen to over and over…especially during the Holiday season.  And I’m sure some of them you get a little tired of listening to.  Well, these are a few {Read More}

Christmas Music Monday: Christmas Movie Soundtracks

Christmas Movie Soundtracks Mondays are not always given credit for being particularly enjoyable, but Music Mondays are fabulous!  Today, I’ll be showcasing some splendiferous selections guaranteed to give you a taste of that ol’ Christmas Spirit!! As usual, please remember:  That One Mom is an Amazon Affiliate and clicking on any of these links will take you to their website.  Any purchases via Amazon Affiliate links provide a commission to us at no additional cost to you. These Music Monday {Read More}

Christmas Music Monday: Soothing Sounds of Christmas

To me, there is nothing that can invoke that feeling of Christmas quite like music.  I find that music is a pretty powerful tool for me anyway, but Christmas music brings all of those memories and feelings of goodwill rushing back.  They say that music can soothe the savage beast and I have to believe that is so.  There have been many days, during the holiday season, when listening to music made me feel a lot less frazzled.  Not to {Read More}