Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 3: A Place for the “Goodbye Pile”!

How does that saying go?  “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  Something like that anyway!  While it might not apply to everybody and everything, it definitely applies when you want to get rid of clutter.  On Challenge Day 3, the goal is to find a space for the things you want to sell or give away…then find 10 more items for each category!  (If you aren’t selling anything, you can add extra to the giveaway pile or find {Read More}

Clear the Clutter Challenge Day 1: Pick 10 Things and Start a “Goodbye” Pile!

Today is the official start of the Clear the Clutter Challenge.  The challenge for today is to find ten things that you are willing to sell or giveaway.  We are going to call it our “Goodbye Pile.”  That shouldn’t be too hard, right?!? Honestly, we already have quite a stash of things I am planning on getting rid of.  I also have a goal of how much stuff I want out of the house and how much money I want {Read More}

30 Day “Clear the Clutter” Challenge!! (Plus a Printable to Keep You On Track)

Clearing the clutter is the name of the game right now–especially at the That One Mom household–and that’s why we’re doing a 30-Day “Clear the Clutter” Challenge!  We just have so much stuff and it doesn’t matter that a lot of it is boxed up and hidden behind closed doors, I can’t take it anymore.  Some days I feel like I’m drowning in it and if you’ve never felt that way, let me tell you, it’s just horrible. I read {Read More}