What Could We Accomplish If We Were Never Afraid?

  That’s a pretty big question.  What could we accomplish if we were never afraid?  I imagine the bigger question is, what couldn’t we?!? My babies are all just about grown up on me now.  I don’t know that I ever imagined that.  I suppose I imagined them to be babies or little children or even pimply middle-schoolers forever.  (And just for clarification, they will always be babies in my heart!)  There have been so many things that I wanted to {Read More}

30-Day Blog Challenge: Day 21–What Are You Afraid Of?

FEAR. It’s horribly powerful, for such a tiny little word. I think the power of fear has held sway over all of us at some point in our lives.  If it hasn’t ever gotten hold of you, well then, you are a lucky one. Fear is a defense mechanism that should keep us safe, but the problem with it is that it grows.  And when fear grows, you can’t.  It has the ability to keep you from doing good things.  {Read More}