That One Mom Friday Favorite: Western Kentucky University!

Years and years and years (did I say years?) ago, I went to college for the first time.  Even though I said I wouldn’t do it, I followed my sister to college in a town almost four hours from home.  I never intended to go where she went, but the first time I visited the campus, I fell in love. So off I went to WKU for a semester.  Then I came home for a semester.  Then I went back {Read More}

That One Mom Friday Favorite: Grippos!

It’s time for another Friday Favorite!  And in case you’ve never had them, I’d like to introduce you to Grippo’s BBQ Potato Chips. Just in case you’ve never heard of Grippo’s, I will tell you about them.  They are absolutely, the most fabulous BBQ flavored chips that you will ever eat!  They are a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet and a whole lot crunchy.  Since they are fried, they probably aren’t all that healthy, but every now {Read More}

That One Mom Friday Favorite: Ole Whitley BBQ

*This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links.  However, all opinions are 100% my own! Welcome to That One Mom!  Today marks the beginning of a brand new series:  Friday Favorite.  I’m hoping to spotlight one of my favorite things every Friday.  It may be something I use, someone I love, somewhere I like to go, or just something that is near and dear to my heart.  You just never know, so make sure you come back and check {Read More}