That One Mom’s Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas (With a Free Printable)

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us.  Pssshhhh…whatever!! It took me a while, but I gradually came to realize that I am married to one of the least romantic men in the world.  Not that he doesn’t have wonderful qualities, just that romance is not high on his list of priorities.  I’m actually okay with that most of the time.  Plus, when he does spontaneous and romantic things like send me flowers, I wind up getting the bill {Read More}

25 Wonderful Amazing Fabulous Gifts In a Jar!!

Do you ever make homemade gifts?  Are you as excited about that title as I am?!? Christmas is a great time to showcase all of your talents and to be creative in the gift-giving department–especially if you have a list that rivals Santa and a budget better suited to the last century!  These gifts in a jar are a great way to mark multiple recipients off of your list and still show your thoughtful side.  Any of these gifts would {Read More}