How To Cope With Your Child’s High School Graduation!

How To Cope With Your Child’s High School Graduation!   Tis the season for graduation.  As a mother of three teenagers, I’ve seen my share of milestones come and go.  High school graduation seems to be some sort of emotional catalyst for most of us parents.  Even though we are proud of our children and their accomplishments, it feels somewhat like they are being yanked away from us.  I suppose that while the children are transitioning into young adulthood, we {Read More}

High School Graduation: Should I Celebrate or Medicate??

Graduation.  A time to look back on the past with fond remembrance and toward the future with hopeful expectations. Quick…put that on a greeting card! Most years I don’t pay attention to the graduation season.  There have a been a few friends and family members to graduate in recent years and while I was very happy for them, none of these ceremonies have caused me massive amounts of excitement or trepidation. Until now.  Because now I have a Senior.  And {Read More}