7 Weeks to Organize and Plan Your Best Christmas

  7 Weeks to Organize and Plan Your Best Christmas   Getting organized for the holidays takes a little work, but it makes a huge difference in the amount and quality of time you get to spend doing things you really love. Young Beth was never a fan of schedules or lists. I always felt like I wanted to be “spontaneous.” However, as I’ve aged, I’ve figured out that I really don’t do as well without them! Most of us {Read More}

My Best Tips & Tricks for Christmas Holiday Prep!

I know, I know.  You don’t even have to tell me that’s it’s just the start of November and not even time to think about Christmas.  Except that, in my world, it’s always time to think about Christmas! Not only do I love that most happy of holidays, but if I didn’t think about it so much I would never get anything finished.  Today I am going to share some of my best tips and tricks for Christmas holiday preparation. {Read More}