7 Weeks to Organize and Plan Your Best Christmas

  7 Weeks to Organize and Plan Your Best Christmas   Getting organized for the holidays takes a little work, but it makes a huge difference in the amount and quality of time you get to spend doing things you really love. Young Beth was never a fan of schedules or lists. I always felt like I wanted to be “spontaneous.” However, as I’ve aged, I’ve figured out that I really don’t do as well without them! Most of us {Read More}

Let’s Start Christmas

Let’s Start Christmas!   It’s almost that time of year again—Christmas!! There’s no secret that it’s my very favorite holiday and I start thinking about it and making plans pretty early on. Of course, that doesn’t mean those plans don’t fall through or I don’t forget something. Also, there is always some level of shopping that goes on last minute. That generally falls under the “forgot something” category!! Starting early may not be for you and that’s perfectly okay!! There {Read More}

10 Days of Organization

Organization.  *sigh*  It seems like such a lost cause some days. It’s not that I want to have so much clutter.  It is my dream to have my home and paperwork all organized.  I have this dread that something will happen and my kids will be left to sort through a bunch of junk.  It’s a horrible thought. Plus, clutter “confuses the mind and a confused mind shuts down.”  (I heard that from a Mary Kay rep years ago and {Read More}