Simple Money Saving Tips + Three 52-Week Savings Printables!

Saving money is an issue for most of us.  Whether there is not enough to make ends meet or we just aren’t sure how to manage it, money can be a giant source of stress to anyone’s life.  My love/hate affair with money goes up and down like a yo-yo most days.  Anytime we think we are getting ahead, life hits us with just “one more thing” and the bank account goes back down to zero. Just like with anything {Read More}

10 Tips for Saving at the Grocery Store (Even If You Don’t Want To Use Coupons)

Let’s face it:  Grocery shopping is just not that much fun!  If you enjoy it, I salute you, but I can’t say I know anyone who has ever said, “I just love to grocery shop!”  It gets really tedious trying to figure out what to feed your family that is both good for them AND budget-friendly.  Plus, with food prices going up every day, you get less and less bang for your buck! I love a good bargain and I {Read More}