Happy Thanksgiving From the That One Mom Family

It’s Thanksgiving morning.  It’s so quiet here.  The children (who aren’t so much children anymore) are still asleep and my husband is out by a pond or in the woods somewhere hunting whatever is in season at this particular moment.  He will be there for a short while and then he will come home and get ready for work.  I’m thankful he has a job…so many people don’t. My house is a mess.  Luckily, we aren’t hosting dinner here today, {Read More}

Thanksgiving: Don’t Forget To Count Your Blessings (and Get Your Free Printable)!

It’s almost Thanksgiving.  While most people know I am already working on Christmas decorations, I don’t want anyone to think I’m totally skipping Thanksgiving.  As if–I have to have my family time and turkey!  Since I don’t have all of my Christmas stuff out yet, I decided to make a Thanksgiving printable and I’m sharing it with you today.  : )   Thanksgiving Printable   Also, I’m sorry if anyone is tired of my free printables, but I like to give {Read More}

There’s Always Something To Be Thankful For (Including This Free Printable)!

There’s Always Something To Be Thankful For (Including This Free Printable)! It’s not always easy to remember how fortunate we are.  Bad days happen–sometimes they happen in multiples.  Problems pile up.  Things go wrong.  It’s just the way of the world. Still, I like to believe that no matter what difficulties come our way, there is always something to be thankful for.  For instance, yesterday I was really tired after work and really needed to finish some of my projects. {Read More}