My Amazon Wish List…What This Mom Really Wants For Christmas!

Let’s be clear here:  I don’t expect Christmas presents.  And I am just as happy with something homemade or given from the heart, as I am with anything that could be bought at the store.  My daughter actually started a tradition of going through her room and wrapping up things she didn’t want anymore to give to me.  She started it at first because she had no money to buy anything and now it’s just become “our thing.”  I wouldn’t change {Read More}

My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List (And A Free Printable)!

Does anyone else remember the days of the special edition Christmas catalogs–glossy magazine pages filled with carefully photographed wonders that just begged to be circled with a big red marker?!?  I remember those well, as does my mother.  She commented just the other day that she knew as soon as I saw them I would ask for everything on every page.  And apparently, if I was told to narrow it down to just one thing, I would generally pick the {Read More}