That One Mom Friday Favorite: Ole Whitley BBQ

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Welcome to That One Mom!  Today marks the beginning of a brand new series:  Friday Favorite.  I’m hoping to spotlight one of my favorite things every Friday.  It may be something I use, someone I love, somewhere I like to go, or just something that is near and dear to my heart.  You just never know, so make sure you come back and check it out.

For the first ever Friday Favorite, I’m putting the spotlight on a southern Kentucky catering company.  You won’t want to miss this!

We had a family reunion last weekend and if you know anything about family reunions, they are about family and food.  And for a big chunk of the time, food takes precedence!

I was fortunate enough to be born into a family of good cooks and then I married into another one.  These are the kind of people who send food to every funeral and send a dish to the potluck, even if they are not going!  The ones who can’t cook are happy to run to town for something ready-made, but mostly it’s just a lot of good country food.  I know for sure that there were at least three big pots of dumplins if that tells you anything!!!  (And yes, I know that it is technically spelled dumpling.  To me a dumpling is what you get when you go for Dim Sum and a dumplin is what you eat with your stewed chicken!!  Also, there are no dumplins in this picture.  We didn’t get close enough for that until we got into the “chow line.”  These people take them seriously and I don’t want to lose a limb.)

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Ole Whitley BBQ

There was definitely no shortage of good food.  My daughter got to be in charge of the picture-taking for a while and I noticed that she was enamored of the dessert table!  I think the only thing she missed was my Mandarin Orange freezer pie and my Mother-in-law’s Ding Dong Cake.  I kept wanting to call it a Ho Ho Cake for some reason, but at any rate, it’s a chocolate cake with cream filling and chocolate icing.  Yummy!!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Ole Whitley BBQ

In addition to my pies, I took my potato salad, corn salad, sausage balls, and cornbread salad.  I usually make some sort of main dish, but fortunately for me, our friend Duane at Ole Whitley BBQ gave us some of his Pulled Pork and a bottle of his own Kentucky Sweet BBQ Sauce .

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Ole Whitley BBQ

Holy Hannah, was it ever good!!  I have to admit that I cheated a little and kept the BBQ sauce for myself.  We’d had it before and knew we wanted to use it on some ribs. But that pork…oh so amazing!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Ole Whitley BBQ

It was cooked to perfection.  There is just something about a smoker that makes everything taste better!  I couldn’t tell you what kind of spices or wood he uses, but I’m pretty sure I tasted a slight hint of apple.  Personally, I think that’s a fabulous combination…apples and pork just go together!

I think it went over pretty well with the family too, as there was only about a tablespoon left in the pan after everyone finished eating.  I took a bottle of sauce I already had, but I don’t think many people used it.  It really was THAT good!!

Just a little back story about this BBQ, because you might need to know:

Our friend Duane is one of the most hilarious people you will ever meet…and also one of the hardest working.  In addition to his full-time job, he is always finding other little things to do or volunteer for.  He and his wife started a radio network dedicated to showing support for our military and first responders.  (Patriotic Radio Network has different programs and DJs for all different genres of music.  They also have live chat rooms and having participated once or twice, I can say, it’s lots of fun!)  Duane has taken his love of cooking and our troops to a whole new level with the Patriotic Radio Network BBQ Team.  The BBQ team was started as  way to help veterans deal with things like PTSD.  No matter what town they compete in, they ask two veterans from the area to be on the team and then teach them how to BBQ.  I think that’s a pretty awesome way to help our men and women in uniform.  Their next competition is in Carrollton, KY on September 5th and they would love it if you stopped by.  Make sure you tell them That One Mom sent you!!  ; )

And make sure you come back by to visit me for more Friday Favorites!


If you would like to know more about Ole Whitley BBQ, Kentucky Sweet BBQ Sauce, the Patriotic Radio Network, or the BBQ Team, you can find them here:

Kentucky Sweet BBQ Sauce can be found locally in the London, KY/Corbin, KY area.  Please see the website or Facebook page for a complete list.  You can also purchase directly from the website and from

Ole Whitley BBQ is a catering company specializing in smoking the meats.  They also offer slaw and beans.  I keep hoping that there’s going to be a food truck or a BBQ shack one of these days.  If there is, I’m gonna be first in line!!

Please check out Patriotic Radio Network (you can find them on Facebook also, .  It’s a wonderful organization and they have some truly talented guests on their shows.  Plus, they offer a great support network for military and first responders all around the world!