That One Mom Friday Favorite: Western Kentucky University!

Years and years and years (did I say years?) ago, I went to college for the first time.  Even though I said I wouldn’t do it, I followed my sister to college in a town almost four hours from home.  I never intended to go where she went, but the first time I visited the campus, I fell in love.

So off I went to WKU for a semester.  Then I came home for a semester.  Then I went back for a year and a half.  And then I dropped out.  (I know, I know…)

In the amount of time I was there, I made wonderful friends, had amazing experiences, AND met the man I am still married to!  As a matter of fact, we both dropped out of school to get married.  That was probably the dumbest thing we’ve ever done–the dropping out, not the getting married!  One of my biggest regrets is that we didn’t stay in Bowling Green.

But we are still loyal to Dear Old Western and we try to go back and visit every now and then.  We went to a football game a couple of years ago and took some friends.  I think they loved it as much as we did!!  I didn’t get many pictures that day, because I was busy being in awe of all the changes.  A lot of improvements have been made in the decades since I attended WKU.  I’m hoping we can go back this fall, so that I can see what they’ve done with DUC (it’s the university center–lots of stuff there).

I took more pictures while we were at the Football Stadium than I did anywhere else.  I think it was because we were actually sitting down, instead of walking up and down that hill.  OH, that hill…I don’t miss that so much!!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Western Kentucky University!

I don’t even remember a water tower while I was in school.  I’m sure there was one, I just don’t remember it being in that particular area!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Western Kentucky University!

As a matter of fact, we didn’t have any of this stuff when I was at Western.  Of course, I was on the opposite end of the bleachers and I probably never even looked in that direction.  I would’ve noticed if it had looked this nice though.  I think it’s pretty snazzy!!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Western Kentucky University!

Speaking of opposite side of the bleachers (do those count as bleachers??)…look all the way over.  Do you see how that top layer curves and hangs over the bottom set?  That’s where I saw my husband for the very first time.  He was hanging over that wall, conversing (loudly) with the people on the bottom section.  We weren’t introduced that night and he doesn’t remember seeing me, but I remember seeing him.  I remember my exact words too…”That idiot’s gonna fall and break his neck!”

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Western Kentucky University!

If you want to know where the Super Trooper met, it was that big tall building in the background.  It was an all male dorm that they turned into co-ed.  They didn’t do such a fabulous job though.  We had complaints with the way the bathrooms were set up and most of the kitchens were on the boys’ floors.  I found that irritating, but my husband said somebody was a genius!  Any way, my friend and I both lived in PFT (Pearce Ford Tower) and she kept telling me about this great guy she wanted me to meet.  Turns out, it was the same goofball that I saw hanging over the railing at the football stadium and he lived one floor above me!

She introduced us, he met us at the movies and decided I must be dating someone else, I told her I didn’t want to date anyone, he started showing up everywhere I went, and then one day he held my hand.  The rest is history…

This school truly holds a piece of my heart.  I have lots of great memories of Western.  Whether it involves my friends, my husband, waving the red towel, or cheering on Big Red, there was always some sort of fun to be had.  Now I’m just holding out hope that one of my children will decide to go there!

That One Mom Friday Favorite:  Western Kentucky University!

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