That One Mom’s Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas (With a Free Printable)

The most romantic day of the year is almost upon us.  Pssshhhh…whatever!!

It took me a while, but I gradually came to realize that I am married to one of the least romantic men in the world.  Not that he doesn’t have wonderful qualities, just that romance is not high on his list of priorities.  I’m actually okay with that most of the time.  Plus, when he does spontaneous and romantic things like send me flowers, I wind up getting the bill in the mail!!  I did ask him once if he could please be more romantic and he said, “If you’ll tell me how to do it, I will.”  Ummm…never mind.

Even though I’m not often blessed with them, I still have a great appreciation for romantic gestures.  I’ve tried to give my sons ideas for date-nights that won’t break the bank and nice gifts to give, but since their Daddy doesn’t listen to me, I doubt they are either.  Therefore, I’m sharing my Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas with you.  Because…you know…you actually listen to me!!

Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  Candlelight picnic.  Truthfully, I like picnics much better than fancy dinners.  (That doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy food, by the way!)  Your food choices are only limited by your imagination, your cooking skills, and your budget!  Also, February weather isn’t always conducive to outdoor eating, so having your picnic indoors is probably for the best.

2.  Garden party.  Okay, not a true garden party…but let’s face it, buying someone flowers for Valentine’s Day is a costly venture.  I think it would be much more romantic to buy some seeds and gardening supplies and then plant flowers together.  You wouldn’t just be giving flowers, you would be creating a memory!

3.  Love notes.  Or just one love note.  Writer’s choice.  There is just something so incredibly romantic about a handwritten note.  I’ll forgive you if you type it though.  Just make sure it is full of lovey-dovey-mushy stuff!

4.  Make something.  Cookies, candy, a favorite dessert, a photo project, a video, or whatever your significant other likes.  Or whatever you want them to like.  Almost everyone likes something homemade.  It is still the thought that counts.

5.  Housework.  This is for all of the men out there who are at a loss as to what to give the ladies in their lives.  Never, ever, ever underestimate the appeal of watching a man wash dishes, do laundry, or clean toilets.  It’s sexy as heck!!

There you go, five ideas for Valentine’s Day that anyone can really do.  If none of those are options, I also have two 8×10 printables for you.  Print them out, put them in a frame, and give them to your sweetie.  Or just use them to decorate!!

♪♪What the world needs now is love, sweet love.♪♪

Love Sweet Love–Red

That One Mom's Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas (With a Free Printable)

Love Sweet Love–Pink

That One Mom's Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas (With a Free Printable)


  1. Your husband sounds like mine! His excuse for his lack of romantic gestures is “I’m just not a romantic guy”. I told him that was just a cop-out! Lol